Makeup tips for that professional look for the office

Brighten your smile

Some offices demand their female employees to wear good makeup every day, while the other office atmosphere does really puts any such demand. However, to look good is something every employee should try.

The makeup that you wear to office is way different than the one that you wear for your casual outings. There has to be a balance that makes you makeup appears extremely stylish and decent. Here are a few things one must consider while applying makeup for a 9 to 5 routine.

Long lasting

Office girl paints her eyebrows at work

Unlike your casual outing wherein in you can keep giving your makeup the final touches as and when and any number of times you want, office makeup has a fair share of restrictions.

The atmosphere there does not really allow you to do touch ups, or else you can become a laughing stock in your office. Therefore, you should get the hang of such makeup technique and the products that last long, so you need not touch up repeatedly.

Highlight one feature and not all

Young woman

Usually makeup application is used to enhance and amp up your overall features, which means you apply good highlighting makeup on your eyes, on your lips, and on your cheeks. However, things are not the same with an office makeup, as you can only accentuate one feature and keep the rest simple and decent.

For instance, you can go for either a sizzling lip color, or a detailed eye makeup while keeping the rest of the face as simple and neutral as possible.

Light colors and neutral makeup

Woman applying makeup

You do not get much time in the morning to apply makeup keeping every little detail in mind, which means there is a big room for makeup flaws. Daylight and a well-lit atmosphere inside your office make every little makeup flaw prominent, so you can appear funny amongst your colleagues.

To eliminate this possibility, you should use light colored makeup, and keep the dark ones for night, and no need to go overboard with your makeup application.

Consider your office temperature

young beautiful healthy woman and reflection in the mirror

Hot and humid temperature is your makeup’s enemy. You cannot afford to have a smudged makeup on your face and then worrying all the time about how you are looking in your office. You need to be comfortable in your skin, so it is better to avoid makeup application if your office is hot and humid, and let plain eyeliner and mascara, and a nice lip color do the talking.

The makeup application you choose for a 9 to 5 routine has to be a long lasting one, that makes you appear stylish yet decent, and that makes you feel comfortable in your skin.

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