Sexy colours for eye mascara this Fall

There are innumerable colours of mascaras available in the market but only 7-8 stay in fashion each season. It is going to be fall soon and are you already wondering what to wear in fall? Here is a list of few make-up colours for fall.

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Black never goes out of fashion. It is the best in every season and fall is no different and hence, if you just can’t figure out what to wear, black is your best bet. Moreover, black goes with all the colours and all the dresses and hence, if you can never figure it out right, just stick to black.

Bright Colours

It is fall time and bright colours are going to be your best bet. After all, everything around you is yellow, orange and red. Why not match up to your surroundings. However, if you aren’t something of a hippie then this isn’t meant for you. If you are one of those adventurous types, you should surely go for it.

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Sleepy Shades

Sleepy and tired shades such as a cool blue, a sea green or white aren’t a bad deal. They add to your sex appeal and make you look irresistibly hot. Even more so, if the fall is already into September. It couldn’t get hotter than those cool colours. Wear them and show off!

Wear Sophisticated Colours

Pistachio brown, maroon, dark brown and other similar shades are going to add to your beauty. They are simply perfect for fall. If you are looking to dress for fall, these are your best bet. Go ahead and wear one of those lovely colours.

Even though, these colours add to your beauty, only 7-8 of those are what’s in trend each season. Hence, if you are unsure, pick out the colour that suits you the most and stick to it for the rest of the season. After all, rather be safe than sorry. Of course, a different colour is going to seat a different lady and so on. Hence, don’t imitate and find your own colour. Of course, experimenting isn’t a bad idea but you have to make your choices there.

Summary – There are more than enough mascaras out there in the market but there is a colour for every season. How do you know what’s best?

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