Why Not to Color Your Hair Permanently and What to Do Instead

Burgundies, blondes, browns and reds- you crave for hair colors that are different to your natural hair shade and thus would lend your demeanor a new look. The market is brimming with such hair dye products which range from temporary colors to permanent hair dyes. While many would hanker after permanent hair dyes which would stay on your hair cuticles and percolate the roots permanently thus changing your natural color, these permanent dyes come with a lot of disadvantages as well. Here are some reasons why you should avoid coloring your hair permanently.

Color Your Hair

Allergic Issues: Permanent hair colors possess certain chemicals and ingredients which may often pose to trigger allergic reactions in the user. Thus you may experience itching, swelling, breathing issues and discomfort especially if you have a sensitive skin or body.

Maintenance: Permanent hair colors require frequent maintenance and grooming to keep up the color intact. Root hair dying and consequent touch-ups are common whereby you have to shell out some time hitting the parlor to ensure that your hair keeps up the right shade and does not show signs of fading early. You also need to splurge on products which can have been prepared only for the purpose of maintaining and grooming your colored hair.

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Brittle Hair: Exposure to chemicals often lead permanently colored hair more vulnerable to get maimed and brittle. It is not uncommon to find discolored patches on hair which has been dyed permanently. Without enough moisture you may experience greater hair loss and hair damage.

What to do Instead?

Instead of opting for the expensive permanent hair colors opt for semi-permanent or demi-permanent ones. While the former type of colors typically last for 6 to 12 washes the latter are more permanent in nature and will stick to your coiffure for 20-28 washes. Most of these products come free of ammonia and are low in the hydrogen peroxide content, thus being less detrimental for your hair. They do a great job in blending grey hairs and hence proffer a more natural look. To maximize on your color effect without damaging hair go for Henna which is a natural hair dye being obtained from the henna plant and is an effective conditioner as well. It acts as a demi-permanent hair dye and wears over time if not re-applied from time to time, but however provides the desired effect while being safe.

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