Lip Gloss Picks- How to Choose the Right One?

Do you wish to lend your lips a fuller appearance? Do those luscious, shimmering lips of celebrities make you desire the same? Well, the trick is to pick out the right lip gloss and shoot for the ultimate style quotient for your pout. For, lip glosses if chosen wisely helps not only in proffering your lips with the sexy shine but also aids in hydrating them and giving them fuller looks. If you are confused here are some tips to choose the right one.

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Pick out Lip Gloss according to your Lip Tone: One of the best methods to choose the right lip gloss is to judge your own lip and pick out a gloss that is one or two levels darker than your lip skin tone. This is because the role of lip gloss is not to add color but to enhance the color of your lip even if you are applying it after wearing a lipstick.

Go for your Favorite Colors: Lip glosses often come in myriad hues and flavors so choose yours according to the ones that suit your taste. You can choose from blue and yellow shades to pinks and peaches. But whatever you pick out bear in mind it should never waiver from its purpose of flattering your own complexion.

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Consider Certain Specifics: Do you desire glitters or mere subtle shimmers? Is the lip gloss SPF protected? While some prefer real gorgeous glitters some wish to go for simple shimmers which enhance the beauty of your lips in a gentle way. Lip glosses possessing SPF protection feature act as barriers against the harmful rays of the sun. Working women who do not get time to touch up their lips every two or three hours in a day should opt for glosses which have lip stain in them so as to last for long hours.

Moisturizing: If you have dry chapped lips which tend to turn flaky pick out a moisturizing lip gloss which balms your lips from getting too dried as well as adds the necessary shine and shimmer. They also come in a melange of shades so as to fit yours aptly.

Finally, if add a fuller appearance like that of Angelina Jolie is what you are aiming at go for ones which perk up your face and gives the lips an illusion of being fuller.

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