Right colors in shades

by DrPrem Jagyasi

When it comes to sunglasses, you know which style will suit you the best , but do you know how to choose the right color in shades? Should you go for the real funky and cool colors or should you stick to the classic black? Ultimately that decision has to be taken by you and it depends to a very large extent on your personal style, but here are a few tips that can help you .

lady wearing sunglasses_2

Depending on your skin tone, shades will really help in bringing out the best of your natural features . On the other hand the wrong color can make you little bit ill. Color theory explains how this choice can be made more effective. To simplify things a little , here a few basic tips which are really important — so wisely choose the sunglass colors that look best on your skin tone-

When it comes to sunglasses, girls and boys who have  warm skin tones must look for frames which have   yellow-based hues.

Gray hued lenses are perfect for those who are driving as this helps in the reduction of the overall brightness and at the same time does not distort the otherwise sober look.

Yellow as well as amber tints are also good option especially for those who love skiing as they help in improving the levels of contrast and thus making it easier to see imperfections which might be present on the ski trails.

lady in Green sunglasses_21

Green lenses are also in vogue nowadays. This is because they offer the highest level of visual accuracy than any other colored tint and are best for golfers, sprinters as well for general trainers

Ideally sunglasses must have large polycarbonate wraparound lenses .These type of lenses help in protecting against the hard objects which might hit the eye as well as provide total protection against UV rays.

lady wearing sunglasses_3

Boaters have to be especially cautious , because the water is an excellent reflector of the UV radiation. Swimmers must apply sunscreen before putting their sunglasses when they get out of the water.

A lens which is large enough to protect the eyes and eyelids is the ideal choice when it comes to sunglasses.

A lens color which has neutral gray or amber brown tones does not distort the true colors and is best suited for every season.