Top 10 best beauty blogs

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, provided the beholder knows what beauty is”.

That’s the extended version of the old adage, aka, in today’s world. Acquaint yourself with the trendiest of colors you have never laid eyes on before. With the current list of the 10 most fantabulous beauty blogs in circulation, you will not only unlearn your beauty habits but will also learn the secrets of what it takes to be a diva and how to develop a distinct taste for products and their uses. These blogs are the picks from the classified forums, magazines, newsletters and of course, the fashion websites. So dig in and get ready to read some totally bizarre beauty blogs that will charm your senses.

1. Temptalia: This one is definitely the topper of the charts. Oh! You will not be able to resist visiting this one over and over again. At Temptalia, it’s all about deconstruction. Deconstructing shades, colors, quantity, style and especially products. They are a one-stop solution for all beauty products from high-end to budget ones, with add-ons like packaging, application, longevity and texture. No wonder they have over 23,000 feed subscribers to date. Didn’t know the secrets of fuchsia pink? This is the place to unlock it. Don’t miss their research article on ‘Truth or Dare’ makeup while you are there!

2. Outblush: The best guess why this blog is so popular is because of the stuff they sport from girls who need to shop. Right from the fabulous high-end designer wear to bookmarking clothes off the street, this blog has it all sorted out. They have their private collection of the best nail wear, gorgeous scarves and awesome splendid jaw-dropping stuff on personal care. So girls! Be ready to look like a million bucks, without having to spend so much.

3. The Beauty Brains: Thanks to the internet, today women don’t have to spend so much to seek advice in exchange on thousands of bucks. All you have to do is visit The Beauty Brains. Yes! Get your flawless skin, thick glossy hair and that wretched acne out of the window with the help of the most scientific solutions provided by them. They sport the most natural beauty products and they bring the most sought after treatments from around the world at your doorstep. So be ready to go organic and reap the benefits of natural supplements to your daily make up kit.

4. Shecky’s: Shecky’s goes 4th down the list. It’s the place of worship for all the fashion divas that have walked the ramp in the past decade. Right from Eva Longoria to Victoria Beckham have featured in their articles, keeping close edges with the latest in fashion and burgeoning trends of the year. The authors seem to travel and revel at the fashion sense all around the world, making Shecky’s the boiling pot of them all. So all you fashion lariats, drop in here and extend the fan club!

5. Glamour: Without mincing a syllable, this one’s the best blog on one thing that girls can’t miss; Makeup! A perfect stop for all the beauty addicts who cannot dream of stepping out without looking like reflections of Kate Moss or Megan Fox. Get the perfect Smokey Eye, highlights and know when to, what to accentuate and what not to at this very place. Glamour tops the chart for exclusive make up and nail-art, which is thronged by millions of women all over.

6. The Beauty Blog: As simple as the name, the blog is all about the amalgamation of vintage and modern trends in fashion and fiesta. The Beauty Blog truly celebrates fashion and transcends its boundaries from fashion to skin and hair. You will find the latest of everything and when compared with the happenings at other blog, this one will certainly be a tad different. Those looking for the ultimate fashion experience, The Beauty Blog’s a sure-shot keeper.

7. Bellasugar: If you think you have read it all, well, not yet! Bellasugar’s here! Bellasugar started out long ago as a small blog inspired by beautiful women. Today, paradoxically, it inspires women to become beautiful. The plethora of style-talk at this blog is unbelievable. It draws its articles form real-time events and action on-screen. Don’t be surprised if you find a classic Nicole Richie lipshade in your ‘wishlist’ once you go through Bellasugar. They have their weekly starstruck article that captures the styles of a single fashion icon. Last week it was Ellie Kemper. Finally, here’s the blog thriving to bring out the best in you.

8. Talking Makeup (TM): TM’s on the list for two reasons; its immaculate sense of pop culture and its defining fashion campaign to keep it alive. Secondly, for being the boldest among other fashion blogs to help women sport loud and sexy fashion, a fashion advice never been disclosed. TM is all about fashion news, it gives you the headlines and lets you do the follow up, which is cute, because the news is so compelling that it binds the reader to follow nevertheless. The blog has received rave reviews for some of its articles that are easy to digest and fast to be sported on their newsflash. Forget your newspapers, here’s the news that matters.

9. The Little Beauty Blog (LBB): There is absolutely nothing little about what LBB offers. Here is the new age blog that offers life-cycle solutions for women, including advice on nourishment and exercise. You definitely want to read this blog since the daily RSS about beauty and self-care is so compelling that it’s going to make you come back for more. Their skin and diet section on ‘Avocado’ is a must-read, so is their ‘Upper Canada Soap’. LBB certainly has a delectable taste in fashion and beauty.

10. 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic: Finally, the blog for women who care for makeup but don’t have the time to indulge. The blog says, fret not! Be it the quick work with the razor or the 3 minute easy eye makeup, the blog offers speed with beauty. No wonder it’s so popular with the drop-dead sexy working women.

You can choose to reverberate in-between blogs. See what style and presentation fits best with you. All of them will guarantee you extreme satisfaction and thoroughly cater to your needs. The secret is to love yourself; after all there is more to beauty that meets the eye.

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