How to remove red highlights from your hair

Introduction: To apply red highlights on the hair is easy but to remove the red highlights is very difficult. By applying natural shades, pigment locks the red color of each strand and makes it difficult to remove the red highlights. If you are victim o

red highlights hair

Garnier hair color: Top 10 Cool Shades

With the advancing age, there are few things which you can’t hide and gray hair is one of the aging blues. Although, we don’t have a permanent solution to it but there are temporary solutions which can help you look young by covering you gray mane.

Nutrisse color no 82 champagne blonde

How to make cold wax at home and tips for waxing the bikini area

Introduction:If you are one of those who is with a mindset that you need to rush to a parlor each time you want to get rid of unwanted hair, then it’s time that you change your opinion. There are ways that you could conveniently wax at the comfort of yo

bikini area

Top 10 Best Chestnut hair colors

Chestnut hair is a stylish and sleek hair color, which is very popular amongst the celebrities as well. The chestnut hair color is the reddish tone of brown hair. The reddish shade of chestnut is darker than the auburn or ginger hair. The chestnut hair co

Naturtint - Permanent Hair Colorant

6 Home remedies to cure cracked cuticles

The thickened skin in the base of the nail, called the cuticles, can turn out to be very painful if it cracks and if you try to chew it. It is of utmost importance that you take proper care of these cuticles as the wrong steps will make the skin worse. It

4 Home remedies for treating severe dandruff

Severe dandruff causes scalp irritation. It is essential to use right shampoos and other remedies to get rid of dandruff. Home remedies are always preferable over chemical use. If you have been suffering from severe dandruff problems lately, refer to the

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