Makeup for Men

A correct makeup can go a long way towards embracing your best features and hiding flaws. Too much makeup minimizes the look and you may look artificial. For applying the perfect makeup, you need to know how much makeup needed …

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Beauty tip: 10 Best oil free foundation

Finding an oil free foundation suitable for your complexion can be tricky. We are going to help you on the same by listing a range of innovative, oil free and lightweight foundation that provides a luxuriously smooth, shine free and healthy finish. If you

Waterproof foundation

Lalique Perfume: Top 7 Fragrances

Lalique perfumes are world famous for their fragrances as well as design of their bottles. This magnificent line of perfumes has been named after a renowned French glass designer Rene Jules Lalique, acknowledged for creating perfume bottles, clocks, vases

Things your hairstylist won’t tell you about hair highlights

Hair highlighting is a popular and preferred trend in the beauty world; in fact it is quite trendy in normal life too. Hair highlights help you to experiment with your looks, try versatile styles, add depth to your hair and make you look different, adding

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