How to apply Goth makeup

The Goth culture is greatly into appearance with their colors, clothes, accessories, and hair. The main feature that completes a Gothic look is Makeup. Gothic makeup can be harsh, dark, or beautiful and it is a nice touch. A very popular version of traditional Gothic makeup is currently the mainstream look. There are different styles are expressed by Goths through different techniques and colors of their makeup. However, it can be difficult to find out where to start. To get a perfect makeup read the following steps:


Know your face:

Find out what you are working with. What are the features of your face, which you want to focus more? Understand your facial features and makeup taste before you start. Give your face a good wash; you apply a sun-cream especially made for your face.

There are many styles of Goth makeup and each one is uncommon. If you like a supernatural Goth, like a Vampire Goth, you can go for darker, more mysterious tones and shades. For a Romantic Goth, get into more sensual style of culture, you can also some of the classic look. Before you go for it, take few minutes to reflect your style and look what style of goth you are. You simply have to look at your interest and it is not too hard.


Think before buying a makeup style

What you get is not always what you paid for. You can find a perfect makeup after so many experiments and experiences. Many of us think that expensive makeup is of high quality, but not always. Before buying a makeup for you, the best thing to do is to consult your family and friends about brands and lines they like best, or you can go for the reviews in magazine or online.


Think about colors

You need to think about shades, color, and tones of your face before applying a makeup. You can apply different styles for different occasions. Try to find out the best way for you. you do not need to stick to a single style, as you can adapt new style easily and see what you can come with up. If you like darker colors more then try all and experiment with it.


Goths express their makeup style with different colors and techniques, apply them as best suits to your skin tone and keep experimenting with the new styles.

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