Understand all the pros and cons of anti-wrinkle “second skin” breakthrough

We’d like to avoid wrinkles on the skin, at least as long as humanly possible. The wrinkles are a clear sign of ageing of the skin. All of us want to be young forever. In this pursuit to look young and beautiful scientists, have tried to develop different products. They finally seem to have got a decent breakthrough in the form of “second skin”.

The Breakthrough

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The breakthrough has been achieved by researchers at MIT. They have developed a cream which forms a layered skin which is artificial on the original skin. This helps in hiding the wrinkles. Researched by MIT and manufactured by Living proof this cross-linked polymer has two layers. The first one is polysiloxane components. The second layer is a platinum catalyst. The second layer helps the first layer form a film which can withstand water etc for 24 hours.

What does it offer?

This second skin not only helps hide wrinkles but has many other advantages. According to the results of research, it helps to tighten the skin and also makes it smooth. This product also helps keep the skin moisturised. There are also claims that the product is useful in the reshaping of eye bags. This unique product can also be used in delivering the drug especially in the treatment of skin conditions like dermatitis. It can also give ultra violet protection.

The limitation of the technology

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The second skin technology sounds nothing less than a miracle. With wrinkles disappearing and the person looking young and beautiful the technology truly sounds too good to be true. But this super formula has a limitation.

The effects that this superb product gives will last for only 24 hours. For 24 hours it will be resistant to external factors like water. So this is surely one of the best ways to look fabulous for a party but the next day be prepared for the lines on the skin. This is therefore only a temporary solution. It is only a method to camouflage the lines for a short period of time.

Researches on anti-wrinkle products to make you look younger

Research and science have today given some of the most innovative breakthroughs which help in keeping ageing skin far away. Here are some of such studies and innovative breakthrough products:

  • There is a strong belief that protein enzymes like Sirtuins improve the functioning of cells and also increase the life of cells. When increased amount of Sirtuins was given to worms,these creatures lived longer. Therefore, it is believed that Sirtuins will have a similar effect on human cells. If a product is developed based on this concept, then it will surely capture the anti-wrinkle industry in a big way.
  • A revolutionary anti-wrinkle serum for the Boots company is all set to set the stage on fire in Britain. It is the first anti-wrinkle cream which seems to be actually clinically proven. The product No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Serum was tested on a number of volunteers. They applied the serum on one side of the face and nothing on the other side. Of 4 weeks of regular use, there was a significant improvement in the dark circles and the crow’s feet on the side to which the serum was applied.

The anti-wrinkle cream and products industry is on the thresh hold of a big change. With so many innovative products coming into the market, the day is not far when we will be able to keep the signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines far away.

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