Holographic makeup is back with a bang in 2017


It looks like holographic makeup is back in trend again, and this time it has cover the whole nine yards. The obsession over highlighters was seen during the 70’s when the craze was at its all time peak. From flared pants to flannel shirts and various other fashion items, the whole concept of the holographic look was wild. Eventually when we moved into the 90’s, the craze slowly built up with lipsticks and eye shadows. Now in the 2000’s, it is a whole new look with a variety of makeup products for various parts of the face.

Beauty trends go on and off the market but they hardly die out.


The best part about any trend is that a small portion of it continues to go on even if the entire trend is not in. Even the holographic trend had its share of downfall for a while. However, it was still alive through the various eye shadow pallets.

Now it is back again and this time, it is not just restricted to the lips and eyes, but it has also caught on with the feature of holographic hair colors and body shimmer.  Hence, if you want to take your beauty regime to a new look, then holographic make up is what you can adopt. Let us look at how the holographic trend has swept us off our feet.

The Holographic lipstick palette

There is a completely new lipstick pallet in the market, which gives us a variety of holographic lipsticks. These lipsticks have a beautiful color and spark to them. What is best is that they come in different shades to suit every skin tone.  You can get your hands on a single color or an entire pallet of different shades of holographic lipsticks to make your beauty regime different.

Eye shadows also leave a spark

Since holographic makeup is back, how can we forget the eye shadows? No makeup is complete that doesn’t enhance the beauty of the eyes. Well now, you can surely add the beauty and spark to your eyes by using holographic eye shadows. If you want to reduce the shimmer a bit, you can blend it with some matt-based eye shadows to tone down the look.

Hair colors are not left behind

Well, since we are talking about the different ways, the Holographic look is back, how can we miss out the hair? Now you have the benefit of getting the holographic look even by coloring your hair. The unicorn hair colored look is a perfect way to get this, and all you need for it is the holographic hair color. You may want to take a professional help on this front, since the chemicals can be very damaging, but the after effects of it is beautiful. No doubt, the professional touch will make this effect look more appealing and professional.

Lip gloss the holographic way


Aside from lipsticks, you also have a variety of lip-gloss that can give you the same look. This lip-gloss gives you a shine that is more intense and beautiful. You can either use them to highlight a particular portion of your lips or even the entire lip. To bring in the true effect of the holographic lip-gloss, you can apply it over dark or bold colors, and you will see the difference yourself.

Do not forget the nails

If you love to try something new on your nails, then holographic nail polish is what you need. You can make your nails sparkle by coming up with the best nail art. Holographic nail paints have taken nail spas by storm as more people want to get this look. Now you can make it your very own by having your collection of holographic nail paints.

Tips while applying holographic makeup for your wedding or daily wear


When applying holographic makeup keep in mind these few Basic tips to get the best outcome.

  • If you plan to use holographic makeup, it is essential that you do not overdo it; otherwise, the results can be disastrous.
  • While choosing the color, make sure that its length perfectly suits your skin tone. The choice of colors should not look too bright or overshadow your natural look.
  • The best way to get a perfectly done makeup would be to use holographic products to highlight the best features of your face. Avoid applying holographic makeup on problematic areas, because this will not look nice.
  • If you plan to use this form of makeup for your TV way, it is advisable to tone you look down with natural makeup first. You can use natural tones or colors and highlight any one feature of your face. This will help you in using the holographic makeup for daily wear, and prevent you from overdoing it.

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