Add more beauty to your eyes with the Pen of Perfection

Every stylish woman knows the importance of looking good and to look good one must enhance the eyes with the use of makeup. You probably use different types of eye-liners and mascaras to enhance the beauty of your eyes but few liner brushes and mascara applicators offer perfect precision.

Utopian Eyes by E. Pierre has presented a new kind of product which can help in doubling the attraction and enigma of your eyes. The Pen of Perfection is a unique beauty enhancing tool for the eyes that can render other liner or mascara applicators useless.

Striving to be unique

Pen of Perfection

The goal of Utopian Eyes is to offer a range of unique, innovative and revolutionary products to its clientele across the world for taking beauty to the next level and beyond. It believes in merging technology with makeup for bringing precision and perfection to the fore.

The Pen of Perfection is a unique creation of this company which combines two different types of applicators in a pen like, easy to use structure. It not just delivers precision but also helps in highlighting the eyes like no other tool can.

Innovation and hard work

 enigma of your eyes (2)

The Pen of Perfection is one of its kind makeup tools which have been created by the team members of Utopian Eyes by E.Pierre with great care. They all have focused only on the cosmetic needs of women. The modern woman packs a lot in her daily schedule. After work she may go for a date or a cocktail party.

Depending on the occasion and hour of the day she has prep her eyes by applying mascara and liner. Due to busy routine women often have to get ready in minutes. The Pen of Perfection can come handy in such circumstances as it makes it possible to quickly apply mascara and liner with the same tool.

How it works?

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The Pen of Perfection has fine tipped liquid eyeliner and a lengthening and thickening mascara brush that can be used to contour and color the eyebrows. It is cap loaded with ink, which is perfectly suitable for both lashes and brows.

The defining eyeliner is revealed when the user twists the base component. If you get the Pen of Perfection then you need not spend money separately on gel or liquid eye-liners, mascara and brow fillers.

The Pen of Perfection is an amazing product which can be used as an eyeliner, mascara and also brow filler. For $50 Utopian Eyes by E. Pierre is offering one Pen of Perfection, one Utopian Eyes wristband and a thank-you card to its supporters.

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