Gorgeous and stunning make up ideas for women with brown eyes

Shimmer lids

Big, brown eyes are lovely by themselves and you should be proud to have them. Why? They go with most of the colors in your eyeshadow palette. However, for best results, here are some of the best makeup ideas for women with brown eyes. So, try them on and let your brown eyes speak for you.

Black smokey eye

Smokey eyes

Nothing beats the classic smokey eye. When it comes to brown eyes, these two tones go together like peanut butter and jelly. Start off with a base coat and work your way with darker shades of black. For extra drama, dab a hint of gold in the corner of your eyes. Finish off with some voluminous lashes.

Gold eyeshadow

Heading to a party? Dish out your shimmery eyeshadow palette and try gold. It goes great with brown eyes because brown eyes naturally have hints of gold in them. Pair it with black and let the contrast will really bring out the shimmer. Start by applying gold from the inner corner of your lids, merge it with black as you go to the outer corner and create a wing at the end.

Matte blue


Dark tones of blue are a must try for brown-eyed ladies. They will compliment the color of your eyes and are great for a night out. For this look, you will need to start with a neutral shade like brown or tan to bring down the brightness of blue.

Create a base by applying brown or tan on the upper area and a little white in the corner of your eyes. Now, dab the dark tones of matte blue and start blending. Finish off by a kickass winged eyeliner.

Matte gray

For some people, black is too bold. If you don’t prefer black, gray is the way to go. It looks soft and subtle. Yet, it brings out the best dark brown eyes. You can create a gray smokey eye. Add details to it by adding winged eyeliner and accentuate it with a thin line of silver under it.

Cranberry hues

For a soft, feminine look, you can never go wrong with cranberry tones. They are perfect for any occasion and are easy to pull off. Simply pick a neutral tone along with a shade of cranberry and blend it using a soft brush. Put on some mascara and skip the eyeliner. The mere simplicity of this hue is attractive.

Red and gold

A tint of red with a dash of gold is festive enough for any party. You can rock it without thinking twice, as both of the colors compliment brown eyes. Simply take some peach eyeshadow to begin, apply it on onto your crease and below your waterline. Next, take some black and apply it on your crease as well. Now, go ahead, dab a shade of red on your eyelids and add some gold in the inner corner of your eyes.



For girls with light brown eyes, bronze is a must try. It will go really well with light specks of gold in your eyes. The shade is also great for parties during the summer. Take a shade of brown and use it on your crease, taking it outward. Then, take the bronze eyeshadow and apply it on your entire eyelid starting from the corner.

Rose gold

Rose gold is a beautiful shade and will look good on brown eyes – whether it is day or night. You will need a light brown eyeshadow to put in the crease and a pink or mauve shade for the outer crease. Use rose gold on your eyelids beginning from the corners and finish off the complete look with some liner.

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