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Whether you live in the city where smog is always present or you are preparing for your upcoming summer vacation, it will be absolutely necessary to take the proper precautions to ensure that you protect your skin from the sun and other air pollutants. While you might already know that the sun is harmful to your skin, you might not even be aware of the effect that smog and air pollutants can have on the skin. In fact, recent studies show that living in heavily polluted areas can cause your skin to age by as much as six months, depending on the duration of your exposure to it.

Below you will learn how you can care for and protect your skin from the sun and air pollutants by taking advantage of certain beauty products.

Specially Designed Sun Tanning Lotion

Skin Health

It is already a given that sun-tanning lotion with the right SPF rating is going to go a long way when it comes to protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. However, you might not be completely aware of the fact that the cosmetic companies have now improved on your regular sun tanning lotion formulas. A variety of different sun tanning lotion products actually contain the same electrical charge that a dust particle do.

When you apply these powerful products to your skin, a protective barrier forms to repel dust particles and other pollutants.

Protect Yourself Against Dark Spots

For years now, individuals around the world have been suffering with dark spots. Prolonged sun exposure can cause you to develop these grayish-brown patches around cheeks, forehead, nose, and lip areas. Dark spots can be extremely embarrassing and even harder to remedy. A variety of foundations and other products can help prevent and cover up these dark spots. Talking about the right aesthetic treatment can also add up the missing allure into your face.

With that being said, if you want to stray away from cosmetic products you should also be aware of the fact that there is more than one natural cure for melasma.

Vitamin Boost Products


Vitamin E and C contain tons of powerful antioxidants and nutrients. This is why several companies have harnessed these powerful vitamins into an antioxidant formula. You simply need to invest in this vitamin boost product. Add a few drops of it to your sunscreen, and apply it to skin before exposing yourself to pollutants.

Facial Cream

People have been utilizing moisturizers for years now due to their powerful properties. Well, there is now specialized moisturizer available on the market that will create a barrier around your skin to protect. Aside from protecting you from pollutants, they provide you with the benefits of an anti-inflammatory as well. When these products create a barrier around your skin, it can cause inflammation. And, this is why the anti-inflammatory properties are so important.

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