Quick Tips to Flip Your Style from Winter to Spring

by DrPrem Jagyasi

2017 is all about bringing together two old sayings “Pretty girls wear a uniform”, and “Beauty comes from within.” Even the more gorgeous girl will be outshone if she doesn’t ‘wear the uniform’ of makeup and in-style clothing. But even the most caught-up queen of fashion may find herself wilting if she doesn’t take care of her looks from the inside. We’ve gathered together a list of quick tips to stay looking gorgeous this spring – from the inside out!

Stay Hydrated

Starting off our quick list is staying hydrated. And we don’t mean green teas and juices. Studies suggest that drinking a gallon of water a day can help with skin, eye, and hair health. It will keep you looking younger and feeling fantastic, as well. It gives you a better base to add to when doing your makeup!

Opt for Essential Oils

Another popular trend is to treat hair, skin, and teeth issues with essential oils. From repairing damaged follicles to brightening teeth, smoothing out skin to removing blemishes, there’s an essential oil out there for just about any beauty ailment. The simple ingredient list helps to ensure that you’re keeping harsh chemicals away, which helps give you a healthier, more beautiful look.

Consider Natural & Organic Products

If a rat would rather die than eat GMO foods, why do you want to put GMO products on your body? With a growing awareness of health and healthy products, many people are choosing to go with natural and organic beauty products. This means that you can look just as beautiful, but without potential health ramifications and unwanted exposure to unknown or strange GMO products.

Hello, Again 1980

The best of the 80s is back! Break out your vibrant blushes and eye shadows and enjoy a trip down memory lane. The 80s were known for their wild hair and even more wild makeup. Whether you caught it the first time around or will be experiencing it for the first time now, the 80s make up pallet is sure to be fun!

Grunge & Glitter

Part of what made the 80s so amazing was the general openness to trying new (and old) things. It was all about taking a look and making it your own. Two styles over the last few decades that are really making a comeback are the grunge look of the 90s and the glittery avant-garde look of the early 2000s. Consider it ‘Glitter Grunge’.

Be Creative!

As we said above, it’s all about making your own unique style. This season having fun is taking the priority. Now’s the time to try that hair color you’ve always been curious about, to grab that retro flavor of EOS lip balm to keep your lips smooth and tasty, and to mix up bell bottoms with chokers. Have fun, be creative, and express yourself!

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