5 Age-defying beauty secrets

Age-defying beauty secrets

Everybody wishes to preserve their youthfulness as they age. Few people use chemical treatments to keep brimming with a young look forever, while some look for natural ways to get their skin to look good. Alternating with natural remedies is always advisable especially for the aged skin. Listed here are a few age defying beauty secrets.

1. Healthy diet

What we eat is visible on our body. Proper and healthy diet matters a lot. So it’s necessary to eat healthy food. Beauty reflects from inside, if we eat balanced and healthy food our skin will glow. More consumption of water and less oily food are good for health. Smoking and alcohol have bad effect on body. Smoking causes premature aging.

2. Exercise

Not only healthy diet is important but also daily workout is needed for body. Regular exercise will fit your body and thus make your skin healthy. It’s a combination of healthy food and regular exercise, which keeps a body in a good shape. Massage will help your body toned. Morning walk is a good exercise. It energizes your body, fresh your mood and relax your mind.

3. Avoid unhealthy food habits

Lack of sleep, intake of alcohol, drugs or even smoking can cause negative impact on your body and early signs of aging. Just as healthy food is necessary same applies to proper sleep. While sleeping body repairs skin damages without good sleep skin will be dull and dry. Stress is also a factor which reflects on your look. Stress causes premature aging so try to live a relaxed life instead of a stressful one. A positive attitude toward life helps in reducing stress.

4. Nourish through vitamins and supplements

Ensure that your body gets sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. Include vitamins and anti-oxidants in your diet. A good amount of water ( approx. 8 to 10 glass) is also necessary. Make a proper diet chart. Vitamin C is very good for skin. It helps in reducing wrinkles and sagging. Vitamin E helps in nourishing and repairing skin which is found in cereals, peanut butter, broccoli and many more.

5. Use cosmetics

Cleanse, tone and moisturize daily to nourish your skin. Avoid direct sunlight. To protect from sun damage use sunscreen SPF 15 or 20 daily it will fight against ultraviolet rays. Apply home-made or herbal masks. Know your skin type and use cosmetics products accordingly. To take full advantage of any cosmetic product read the ingredients used in that product. Don’t use chemical based products because they may harm your skin. Try to use natural or non-toxic cosmetics. Always see the expiry date. Makeup can hide the ageing marks to a certain extent.

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