Go Natural: 4 Tips for Letting Your Hair Do Its Thing

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Do you hate fake hair? Many people use chemical relaxers or straighteners to change the natural contours of their hair, and many of these treatments damage their hair. Rather than take such a risk, use smarter tactics when you style. Discover the following four tips for letting your hair do its own thing.

Lean Into It

Is your hair naturally curly? You probably spend too much time trying to straighten it, so take a different approach next time. Lean into the issue by accentuating your curls. Purchase a shampoo with curl enhancer. Then, play with your look until you find something that puts a smile on your face. If needed, find images of celebrity curly hairstyles that you think might work for you.

When you go big with your curls, you’ll have to take some added steps. Consider adding a moisturizer to maintain a wet look. Also, wear a scarf or some other form of protection while you sleep. Otherwise, you might lose your curls because you slept too hard on a pillow.

Wash Less Often

How often do you wash your hair? Unless you said once a week or less often, you’ll need to scale back on your shampoo sessions. Every time you scrub your hair, you’re undoing nature’s work. The chemical additives in many major shampoo brands damage your hair, so resist the urge to do a complete shampoo session multiple times each week. Once a week is plenty, when you’re aiming for a natural look.

Don’t Style a Lot

Along the same lines, the frequency with which you style your hair determines its overall health. Each hair follicle grows 1 or 2 inches every four months. Over time, these individual hairs die and fall off your head, and new hairs replace them. Each time you physically alter your hair’s composition, you’re expediting the process. Ultimately, you’re killing too much of your hair.

Take a look at your brush. You’ll see how much hair you lose when you comb it. Similarly, a curling iron twists the hairs from your head, but you likely don’t notice since you have thousands of hair follicles. To protect your natural hairdo, follow the maxim that less is more. Too much styling does more harm than good.

Visit a Hair Care Professional

No matter how many internet searches you do, you still can’t know enough to be a styling expert on your own. When you’re ready to make a change to your look, consult a hair care professional. Individuals with certifications in the field and years of experience will know the best ways to enhance your look. They’ll take the natural style of your hair and enhance it with a few professional techniques. They can also offer more specific styling tips so that you’ll avoid the problems above. Plus, they can recommend products that will help you get the natural look you want.

You want to let your hair do its own thing; you simply need to give it some help. Follow the tips above to accentuate the best parts of your natural style while avoiding the products and actions that can damage it.

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