Beauty tips to cover acne with makeup


We live in a world where there is a constant pressure to look good. Under such circumstances, you probably keep your makeup kit handy at all times to magnify your good looks. But sometimes acne and pimples wreck havoc on your plans and sit on your face making you all the more self conscious. It is after all not the best of sights to see your face covered in pimples and acne. Following are some tips that would come to your rescue and will tell you all about how to cover acne with makeup. With these tips and tricks you will very easily manage to hide your pimples and be at your confident best with your prettiest self.

Before you begin: Before you begin the process of covering up acne, we would advise you to clean your face first. Use a mild face wash and clean the face thoroughly before applying some moisturizer which is equally important. Even if you are someone with oily skin you cannot skip the moisturizing part. Pick the moisturizer suitable for you and use it right so that the rest of the process runs smooth. Let the skin rest for a while and then you can begin the following processes.

How to cover acne with makeup

  1. Apply the primer:

    Makeup that is GlamorousThis is a must before you start with the rest of the makeup application. Use a primer and apply this all over your face with the help of your fingertips. This process ensures that the rest of your makeup process will go on smooth and uninterrupted. Once you have applied the primer let it sit for a few minutes before you proceed further.

  2. Apply the Concealer:

    As the name suggests, concealing stuff and covering scars and pimples will be a lot easier with concealer. Use generous amounts of the concealer and apply it all around the affected areas which you want to cover. Apply this in the pattern of an X so that you end up covering both sides of the blemish. Also take care to see that in case you are using the concealer from a bottle directly, you use cotton swans to take it out. Otherwise, you just risk contaminating all of the concealer with the touch of your fingers.

  3. Blend the concealer:

    Never skip this step if you plan to cover acne with makeup. Just the application of the concealer in the shape of an X around the affected area is not enough. You also need to blend it in nicely. Just remember that you must not rub to blend in the concealer as rubbing could lead to infection or further damage of the affected area. So to blend the concealer gently dab the region and continue till it is not completely blended into the skin.

  4. Cover the under eye circles:

    You have followed the instructions so far and have done a fairly good job. Now let the makeup get imbibed into your skin and in the meantime use a different concealer in the circles surrounding your eyes. It is common in the times of modern day stress to have some kind of discoloration or dark circles underneath your eyes. Application of this concealer would put these conditions to rest and you would emerge as the true beauty queen once you are done with the entire process.

  5. Blot with a tissue:

    This is a step that is an essential in any makeup procedure irrespective of whether or not you are trying to hide your pimples. Blotting with a tissue helps you get rid of the excess makeup on your face and helps you get the fine finish that you always want after you are done with your makeup. So blot all the excess makeup elements on your face carefully with a dry clean tissue.

  6. Apply liquid foundation using stippling brush:

    To cover acne with makeup, this is an extremely tricky phase that you have to go through. Remember that you have just applied concealer and you cannot risk it getting wiped off. So get a good quality stippling brush from a place as reputed as Sephora. Then very softly and steadily use stippling round motions so that you end up applying the foundation without any damage to the pre applied concealer. Make sure you use a little quantity of the product because otherwise you would risk getting overboard with the amount and do more bad than good.

  7. Set the makeup:

    These are the finishing touches to all your good work to cover acne with makeup. To ensure that your hard work stays on for the entire day, you need to use a nice make up setting powder which can be used to keep the makeup in place. Use a good brush just so that you do justice to the fine beauty tips 2018 that we gave you. It should be applied evenly all over so that the makeup holds up at all places and it looks as close to natural as is possible.

  8. Use the finishing spray:

    Your makeup process is almost complete and all you need to do now is seal the goodness with a final application of a nice makeup spray. This again is just for the purpose of retaining the makeup you applied on yourself for so long. Once the finishing spray is evenly applied you are good to go.

  9. Distraction techniques:

    Beautiful woman
    Despite all the advice we gave you to cover acne with makeup, you might still have a visible small bump or an odd stubborn mark. To divert attention it is suggested that you choose loud makeup for your eyes of lips.

Final words

These tips are among the highlights of the beauty tips 2018. Pimples are a harsh reality and you must be as in individual who puts a high price to look good, be prepared to deal with it. Implement these ideas and we promise that you would not be disappointed. Covering scars could not possibly be any easier and after you put these to use you will have a lot to thank us for.

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