DIY ways to get temporary glow in the dark hair dye


Glow in the dark hair is trending this season. The glow in the dark hair became the talk of the town since 2016, till now different techniques and patterns came in light as per the change in the demand and the fashion. Glow in the dark hair is the choice of many youngsters. However, the trend keeps on changing, so there is some temporary glow in the dark hair dye which you can easily apply and remove whenever you want. Let’s see some of the trending and temporary hair dye to choose from.

Trending Glow in the dark hair dye

temporary-glow-in-the-dark-hair-dyeOne of the most demanded glow in the dark hair is the Rainbow hair, which has taken over all the social media at this point. People used to get scared before applying this color trend; it’s now drawn out everyone attention and admiration. With the temporary color dye, its easily gets removed whenever you want. It’s now familiar to almost every youngster. But always keep in mind that after you apply the color dye, its need frequent touch-ups, proper conditioned to help maintain the health of your hair.

DIY Glow in the Dark Hair Gel

There is different glow in the dark hair products are available in the market which can make your hair glow in the dark and you can easily DIY at your home. One of the foremost products is the cool glow in the dark hair gel. It’s easy to make with easy ingredient and steps are easy to follow too. Let’s see how to make it.


  • Hair Gel of your choice
  • Glow Powder (you can easily get that in any online store)
  • Container
  • Radioactive Sticker
  • measuring spoon

Take a container, fill 1/ 2 cups of hair gel and glow powder color of your choice. Mix it properly to make a smooth paste. You can also use a lid on the container and shake it strongly so that two of the ingredient mixes well. After this, just allow the mixture to get under the sun to charge. After some time, apply the mixture on your hair and your glowing hair gel is ready. Use it for the party, even event and this will let you stand apart from the crowd and make you look different.

How to make your hair glow in the dark


Glow in the dark hair is creative ways to express your personality which makes you different from others. Once you know how to make the glow in the dark hair products, let’s find out how to apply it on your hair to make it prominent and for the best result. There are easy methods to make your hair glow in the dark. Let’s see how to do it step by step.

  • Buy your favorite color: – There are varieties of gel products available in the market. Blue, green, hot pink, white. Choose your favorite glow in the dark color dye. Other ways are to match the color matches it with your outfit.
  • Shampoo and condition are important before applying dye: – Apply your shampoo and conditioner before applying the dye. Clean hair is very important for the application of this glow in the dark color.
  • Allow it to dry: – Allow your hair to get dry. Dry hair helps to set this glow in the dark product for the best
  • Application: – Apply the glow gel in your hair in sections or you can also finger comb the dye in your hair. This will glow in the even without ultraviolet light.

Quick tip: – Use a toothbrush to highlight some parts of your hair. It will be easy to apply and you can apply it in selected parts as well.

Neon dye color

Nowadays people use varieties of neon colors for unusual effect. Neon color like bright pink, yellow are likely to show better in dark lights than the normal glow in the dark colors. Try different color combination which looks nice on your hair. Like yellow, orange when mix together gives a nice effect. Mix shades of the same color as yellow and neon yellow to get highlighted effect.

Some precautionary measures


Apart from using various glows in the dark product, it’s important to take care of your skin to protect from any damage or irritation.

  • Protect your hairline: – While dying your hair with hair dye, the color gets to spread your hairline also gets colored. The extra dye on your skin doesn’t look good. To get rid of coloring your hairline, apply Vaseline or a lip balm on your entire hairline, making sure the lip balm is spread properly. Lip balm will not let the color to spread and also protect the skin.
  • Protect your hand: – Always wear gloves before you apply the dye on your hair. The color can spread into your hand. Also as you get ready to color your hair, wear a buttoned shirt so that you don’t have to lift it over your head. not only your hand, this dye can color the near area, like the floor, a carpet, so lay a trash bags or old cloth to protect it.

The advantage of Temporary dyes

Temporary dyes come in many forms. These dyes are truly temporary. These are easily removable and you can use to make a different style in your hair. You can even create streaks with different colors. Temporary glow in the dark dyes stays for only a night and not more than that. So you don’t worry to remove the dye.

Another one is the neon glow in the dark hair spray. You only have to spray paint it into your hair to get the perfect color. Unlike the color dye, these are also easy to apply and last for only a night. And the last one is the glow in the dark color gel. It also works as same but one of the advantages of this gel it can glow in complete darkness too making it look gorgeous.

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