Beauty tips for the stage that work as well in real life

While many people follow celebs and models for their fashion and style, they follow some very useful tips for getting that look. With some backstage tricks ad tips they get the looks, which we all like and follow.

Here are tips by Dr Prem Jagyasi and his team members, which every girl can follow in her daily routine.

Easy application of false eyelashes

false eyelashes

Every girl wants to get those perfect curly eyelashes, while that not work so well for the natural eyelashes, false eyelashes usually cinch the deal. With false eyelashes, you can get those elongated and thick eyelashes. While applying eyelashes, it becomes quite difficult to stick fake ones to the base. For beginners, it brings a lot trouble. For easy application of false eyelashes, cut them into pieces and then stick it to the base of the original eyelashes. It is a quick and simple way of sticking false eyelashes.

Bed head inspired waves

Wavy hairstyle

Wavy hairstyle is simple yet stunning. For getting perfect waves, you can try this simple method. Start by parting hair into two parts. Now as you have parted them into two, you need to make two or four braids. Make braids little tighter for getting perfect waves. After you are done making braids, heat up your flat iron and press it down on the braid. Now open up braids to get the bed head inspired waves.

Coat your lips with foundation

fuller lips

Not everyone has same colored lips; they vary from person to person. While some people have very dark colored lip, others have lighter. When doing make up, it is essential to get perfect shade of lip color. For getting the perfect shade of lip color, one can coat lips with foundation. Coating lips with foundation, you can get the desired color of lip color.

Use hair oil for wet look

Beautiful Woman with Healthy Long Hair

While hair sprays consist of many harmful chemicals, it is bad for hair. People who love to style their hair, it is important to style hair with something that is healthy. While many girls like doing wet hair do, they can use hair oil for getting that wet look. Hair oil not only get you the wet loom but also nourish them making them healthy.

Trick to apply eyeliner

apply eyeliner

As eyeliner makes eyes beautiful, girls like to apply it every day. Black eyeliner might not be suitable for everyday use as it is quite dark. For softer results, girls must replace black eyeliner with gray or brown eyeliner. You can get attractive eyes just by applying one stroke of light eyeliner. This trick is good if you want to use eyeliner regularly.

Becoming like your favorite actors and models is not a dream anymore. With certain tips and tricks that they follow backstage, you can get the desired look like that of models and actors.

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