Beauty tips for that business-like professional look

A good looks boosts confidence, which can be a great asset for your workplace. Here Dr Prem Jagyasi and his expert team suggest to follow for getting yourself noticed and promotion at workplace.

Emphasize your uniqueness

dark lipstick

Showing uniqueness and creativity at workplace can get you the desired position at workplace. Being different from the people is the first step to get promotion at your office. Make your own style like wearing dark lipstick or dark eyeliner will make you look different from others. If some other girl is doing the same, change your style and focus on being unique.

Emphasizing your uniqueness can get you all the attention in the office. Having a signature style is quite effective in creating a strong persona in the office, which will get you noticed. In addition, there are chances that you will get the desired position in the office with your increasing popularity at your workplace.

Seek for a bold lip color

lady applying lipstick

Simple and light makeup is quite elegant for office. For people who want to be noticed at the workplace, it is important to look different. Wearing a dark colored lip color, people will notice you much often. And more you get noticed in office, more are the chances to get promoted.

Dress up properly

young businesswoman in her office

Your dressing sense can make your way to a more professional look. While getting ready for your office, be comfortable and sure of what you wear. When you are wearing right, you feel confident. And a confident person is much more noticed in any place than any other person. Wear a business suit or something that suits the environment of the office. It will help you get noticed and then promoted soon.

Pay attention to hair and skin


While you are busy doing work, you may neglect taking care of your health. People who do not rake care about their health may face many health problems. Taking care of hair and skin is important. Pay attention to hair and skin. People with glowing face and healthy hair are preferred over those who do not take care of themselves. If you want promotion at workplace, make sure you are taking care of your health properly.

When you are working in an office, it is important that people do notice you. Being noticed will increase the chances of your promotion. In addition, being noticed becomes easy by following simple beauty tips and taking care of you.

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