A Luxurious Bathing Ritual


Imagine you’ve just had a long, physically demanding day at work, followed by a ride on the subway where you got bumped, stepped on, and drenched in sweat, until you finally find your way back to your home. Does this routine sound all too familiar? If it does, imagine the bath of your dreams following this hectic day full of trials and tribulations.

Adding a Warm Bath to Your Regimen

Luxurious-BathingIn this day and age, baths have taken on more of a role for self-care than anything else. It helps you release toxins and stress and it can also help your body take in proper vitamins, minerals and the peace you need to move forward with your unique lifestyle.

Bare Necessities

Luxurious-BathingTo turn your bathroom into your own mini-spa with super results, here are the bare minimum requirements to enjoy the most benefits of a bath.

  1. A Bath Tub.
  2. Warm Water.


Here are some less popular ingredients to use in order to get the most luxurious and healthy experience from your bath.

  • Baking Soda
  • Ground Ginger
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Argan Oil

Baths Help You Get it All Out

Luxurious-BathingOne of the benefits baths can have is the ability to rid your body of any negative toxins. When your warm bath water is combined with baking soda and ground ginger, it naturally draws out any bad toxins your body may be harboring. You may sweat a little more than a normal bath, but that’s a benefit worthwhile.

After your skin is clean and you’ve sweated out all the bad toxins your body has gathered from that bustling ride home, it is key to be sure to moisturize your body and use a crystal based deodorant, an antiperspirant, or a regular deodorant product afterward.

Crystal deodorants and antiperspirant are a sweat blocker and deodorant is a funk blocker. Is antiperspirant bad is a constant debate. Research shows that we want all toxins out of our bodies, and a bath may be just that helping hand we need.

Baths Help You Take It All In

Luxurious-BathingOne great thing baths offer is the ability to make it unique for your own personal healing. A combination of ingredients can take your tub of water from “Blah” to “Ahhh” in as little time as it takes you to cook dinner.

The environment can be tailored to your needs in various ways. You can tailor your environment with one to one-hundred burning candles or with proper vibes playing through the speakers. You can even have the water sizzling with a bath bomb or take a natural routine and drop some essential oils in.

Essential oils are extracts from plants that are commonly used in aromatherapy. The use of essential oils in aromatherapy have been utilized to improve health problems like stress and anxiety. The most popular essential oil used in aromatherapy is lavender.

Lavender also happens to be a favorite for the bath-taking community for its ability to capture your nostrils and force you into a tranquil feeling. Lavender is an essential oil that can help you really focus on the task at hand, and that’s to relax and enjoy your time set aside to self-care.

Sealing the Deal

Luxurious-BathingTo complete this healing process using a bath, you may want to continue to treat your body well after you’ve soaked. One way of doing that is to properly moisturize it.

Lotion may be your go to, but consider using oils to add more benefits to your moisturizing routine. Coconut oil, shea butter or Argan oil are all great ways to lock in moisture and make sure your skin is left smelling and looking great for days to come.

You and Your Bath


In case you can’t tell, once you begin taking a bath for its healing benefits, you’ll become slightly addicted to all you can do for yourself by simply bathing with some knowledge. But if these tips, tricks, and tools haven’t sold you on the benefits that come with bathing for yourself, check out the world wide web for other reasons a bath can bring you the healing powers you need to take on the world!

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