Not Just for Work: Other Ways to Wear Work Boots


When you’re not hard at work, don’t hide your work boots in the back of your closet. Pair your safety footwear with jeans, khakis, or even your favorite dresses and skirts. Experiment with new looks that include your work boots. After all, you shelled out some serious cash for your quality boots. Why not wear them more often? Check out these exciting ways to wear work boots at the office and on the town.

Date Night or Happy Hour


Keep your man guessing during the next date night. Pair a pretty floral dress with a pair of funky black work boots. Let your date know you’re feminine yet still ready for adventure at a moment’s notice. Don your boots for happy hour with the girls, too.

Chippewa boots look fashionable and stay comfortable while you’re on your feet mingling at the bar. Choose from a variety of colors to match your style. Your boots will also give you a few inches of height without needing to wear awkward stilettos.

Casual Day at the Office

Want to make your legs look even thinner when you slip on your skinny jeans for a casual day at the office? Top them off with a pair of chunky work boots. Boots also look perfect with boot-cut or rolled-up jeans with cuffs.

When you want to try out the latest fashion trends featuring lace-up boots, you don’t need to buy new footwear. Just reach in your closet for your work boots. You’ll be ready to head to the office, and stay comfortable while you run errands during the workday.

A Walk or Hike in the Woods


Safety boots don’t have to stay on the concrete manufacturing or warehouse floor. Work boots are ideal for a walk or hike in the woods or on trails. The rubber soles and ankle-high support help your feet hug the ground to avoid losing your balance and falling. If your boots are waterproof, go ahead and splash through those streams and puddles.

Tough boots can protect you from bugs bites and ticks also. If you’re headed to a marshy area, try tall boots made of snake-proof material that fangs can’t break through. Steel-toed boots can keep your feet safe from falling rocks and debris.

Cold Winter Days

Don’t suffer from cold, wet feet this winter. Waterproof boots will keep your feet bone dry as you trek through rain and snow. Even if the weather is clear, break out your work boots to keep your feet and toes toasty.

Boots with lightweight insulation such as 3M Thinsulate can keep you warm without dragging you down with extra weight. Choose a level of insulation to match your weather.

When you’re headed out to a bar, a casual day at the office, or going on a long walk, take your work boots along. Your feet will stay dry, comfortable, and safe. Once you start wearing your work boots for different occasions, you may want to keep them on and never wear heels again.

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