A Happy Career: Beauty Therapist And Hairdressers Are Happiest Workers


Beauty salons are making a mark by earning $46 billion on a yearly basis and their income is only on a constant rise. We give too much attention to looks and hence most of us do not shy away from spending at beauty salons. This goes true for both men and women, as according to reports, women spend about $15,000 on beauty products in a lifetime and men spend about $12,000 on beauty treatments.

HairdresserThe beauty salon business is on the rise and it’s not easy to get yourself serviced in a popular salon unless you have an appointment.

We have beauty therapists who earn £15 per hour on average, we have hairdressers who earn £12 per hour. However, these are just mean salaries; experienced ones earn a whole lot more than this.

Looking at the numbers, it’s obvious that the profession is a growing one and is keeping the hairdressers and beauty therapists quite happy.

If you are wanting to get into this career and earn a living, then here’s what you need to do:

Learn the Art

Get admission in a beauty institution first to learn the art. It can be anything from a hairdresser course to a beauty therapist course. You may also opt for a makeup course or pick one of the spa courses.

To become a beauty therapist, level 2 or level 3 qualification in the field is necessary.

Then it’s up to you to start a beauty salon of your own or you can work in one as an apprentice by applying for apprenticeship. However, it’s recommended that you work somewhere first to get experience and then think about starting your own business.

Rent Out A Place


Once you have acquired the skills and experience, then it’s time to set up a shop. You can search online for available space.

Set Equipment

A beauty salon won’t run magically. You will have to get the necessary equipment which includes salon chairs, beauty products, brushes, machines, etc.

This asks for a large investment. If you don’t happen to have such a huge amount of money, then applying for a loan is your best bet.

Buy License


You will need a barber’s license to cut hair, do facials, and make facial hair. A license can be applied for when you complete the required amount of school training in a beauty training institute.

If you want to do makeup, massage, and reflexology; then you need to apply for an aesthetician license.

If you want to clean and groom nails, then get a manicurist license.

Also, get in touch with the health association to approve your place for sanitation. 

Beauty Insurance

Things can go wrong when you are running a beauty salon. You can damage a client’s hair or skin or sustain other damages. This is why you need beauty insurance.

If you have a beauty insurance, then these situations will be dealt by with your insurance company and you won’t have to pay for the damages.

If you have these things covered, then you are ready to start as a barber or a beauty therapist right away!

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