Your guide to eyeliner shapes that suit different types of eyes

eyeliner shapes

Eyeliner is integral to your beauty goals. After all, your eyes are the index of your personality. Just as the shape and size of our eyes differ, so does the shape and pattern of the eyeliners that we apply. To help you know what eyeliner shape would suit your eyes the best, here we are with comprehensive information on eyeliner application that suits eye shapes in the best ways possible.

Round Eyes

 eyeliner shapes

If you can see white both above and below your iris when you look straight, it means you have round eyes. If you desire making your large and wide round eyes little longer, you can line the outer edges of your lash line. You could also go for a long winged liner look, which would make your eyes standout.

Small Eyes

If you have small eyes, you should try to get the hang of an eyeliner shape that could help widen your small eyes. If you are not sure about your eye type, you can compare your eyes to your mouth and nose. If they appear proportionally smaller, that means you have small eyes. Here is a smart tip for you, never apply dark eyeliner on your bottom water line for it will make your eyes appear even smaller than they actually are. Rather, make a thin line on your top lash line and on the outer corner of your bottom lash line.

Big Eyes

 eyeliner shapes

If your eyes are proportionally larger than your other facial features, it clearly indicates that you have big eyes. Coming to eyeliners, well, girls with big eyes are lucky enough for they can apply a number of eyeliner shapes. If you want to line both your top and bottom waterlines, by any means you can go for it. Despite having both your waterlines lined, your eyes would not look small. Talking about winged eyeliners, you all with mesmerizing big eyes can enjoy a plethora of winged eyeliner shapes or cat eyes.

Wide-Set Eyes

You have wide eyes if the gap between the inner corners of your eyes is big enough to fit more than one eye. Those with wide eyes need to focus on the inner corners of eyes, to make them appear closer together. Go for an eyeliner shape that starts by the tear duct and does not go beyond the outer eye corner.

Prominent Eyes

 eyeliner shapes

Eyes bulging out of the eye socket with more of the eyelids visible are the prominent eyes. Here, you need to create an illusion of smaller lids, which you can do by using thick eyeliner on your top lash line. Additionally, make sure that you apply eyeliner from corner-to-corner. Coming to the bottom lash line, well, you have liberty to apply a shape that you prefer.

Hooded Lids

Eyelids drooping down over the crease when eyes are open indicate that one has hooded lids. Eyes with hooded lids appear smaller. This means you require an eyeliner shape that could create an illusion of bigger eyes. You can thicken your lash base by applying liner between your lash roots.

Deep Set Eyes

eyeliner shapes

Deep-set eyes are those set deep into the skull and they require an eyeliner shape that could prevent them from looking sunken. Applying a thin eyeliner line as close to, the lash line as possible is a great trick. In addition, you should only line the outer half of the eye.


Eyeliners look good on all eyes but there are certain shapes that help accentuate particular eye shapes more than others do. Therefore, knowing your eye shape and the eyeliner pattern that suits are best is the key to have attractive eyes.

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