Tips to carry colored eye liner

Our eyes are those features that get noticed at first sight and when you wear eyeliner coupled with the right shade of eye shadow, you have an entire look that can be very dramatic. The eyeliner is a staple in the vanity closet and while most women would consider various shades of black, grey or brown, this fall there was a lot of color and glitter in the runways of the London fashion week.


Think Realistically:

The eye makeup that we see in fashion magazines are fascinating but also stop to ask yourself whether you would wear that look at work or school. Be realistic with what looks best on you, although the orange or teal eyeliner may look good in the magazines, it may not be the best thing for you. Understand what colors work best for you and stick to that color.

Mixing things up:

While all black eyeliner may be a comfort zone for many women, try to incorporate a little bit of color by wearing black eye liner on the top eye lid and a violet of navy colored eye liner on the lower lid. This is a great way to get started with color and you can experiment till you find the right color and color combination.


Choosing the right color:

Use the color off your eyes to pick the right color eyeliner instead of the color of your dress. If you have brown or black eyes, choose blues and purples. Pick coppers, pinks or bronzes if you have blue eyes, people with green should use lavender or plum.

Don’t overdo it:

While colored eye liner is in vogue, don’t mix it with too much of eye shadow and mascara.  Mixing green eyeliner with green mascara and emerald eye shadow will just look plain weird. Consider wearing black or brown mascara with colored eye liner of your choice is one way of staying within boundaries.


Make up:

Of you have colored eyeliner, and have successfully managed to match it with the right shade of eye shadow, the rest if your make up should be bland. Wearing pale lip color in peach, light brown; the less color, the better. The blush can also be very light, try experimenting with a champagne shade or any other color, if the seems to be a bit much, don’t wear it at all.

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