Why Cannabis is great for Your Skin

Cannabis is great for Your Skin

From medical to wellness industries, marijuana is making big waves on the market with its potential benefits. And now, the beauty world is taking notice with cannabis and infusing it to products, like creams, balms, and lotions. They realized that cannabis can help with skin irritations, acne, and psoriasis.

The cannabis utilized in most beauty products is non-psychoactive, meaning it’s completely legal and it doesn’t make you high. Even if it does have a little amount of THC, they don’t enter the bloodstream. Therefore, it’s safe to use on the body.

Here are 6 benefits of cannabis to your skin:

  1. Soothes Skin Irritation
    Skin Irritation

The cannabidiol (CBD) found in cannabis also soothes the skin to relieve dry skin, rashes, and other major skin problems, like atopic dermatitis. The polyunsaturated fatty acids found in this non-psychoactive compound can help reduce itching and inflammation related to eczema.

When applied topically, this plant can provide localized pain relief while minimizing swelling. It offers relief to bug bites, scratches, and other skin injuries. Many people are using CBD-infused lotions to reduce the pain of a shoulder injury or any type of pain.

Science says that CBD fuses with TRPV-1 receptors, where it gives the sensations of heat, pain, and itch. That explains why cannabis has a relaxing effect on the skin.

  1. Reduces The Symptoms Of Skin Disorders

Psoriasis is a skin disorder where red patches appear on the skin. These patches are itchy and painful. There’s no known cure for this skin condition at the moment, but cannabis is showing great potential.

Studies show that the cannabinoids found in cannabis can help restrict the accumulation of dead skin cells. You know that dead skin cells are a direct cause of psoriasis so cannabis might be good for treating this skin disease. Like any other natural oils, hempseed oil contains natural fatty acids and antioxidants to treat dry skin and eczema.

  1. Slows The Skin Aging Processaging

CBD is known to be a powerful antioxidant that’s even more potent than vitamins C and E. It helps fight skin aging and remove those unwanted wrinkles and fine lines.

Additionally, it also removes the free radicals on your body and restores your collagen to keep a firm and youthful skin. This shows that cannabis makes your skin young and healthy.

  1. Minimizes Acne

In most acne cases, the lack of hydration is the cause of acne. Cannabis is packed with essential fatty acids that hydrate the skin. It also contains antibacterial properties which can help cure the bacterial infection on your skin.

CBD also helps control the lipid production that causes oily skin. It contains natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which makes this compound helpful in reducing the inflammation, puffiness, and swelling of active acne. So if you suffer from acne or rosacea, get a bottle of CBD oil and see what happens.

  1. Fights Skin Infections
    Fights Skin Infections

As mentioned above, cannabis has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties to alleviate skin infections. CBD and THC are two compounds of the pant that can offer relief to various bacterial skin infections, such as impetigo, boils, and cellulitis.

A study reveals that cannabis is even more effective than antibiotics in fighting the bacterium MRSA. This bacterium is often the cause of many hard-to-treat infections.

  1. Protects the Skin

The vitamins A and D found in cannabis help create that natural protective shield on your skin. They stimulate cell regeneration to give you that healthy skin that you always desire. They also protect your skin from sun damage and from other environmental elements. With the addition of fatty acids, cannabis can make your skin looking healthy and radiant.

Final Thought

Although more research has to be conducted to prove the effectiveness of cannabis on your skin, it’s clear to see that this plant is showing great potential. If you like the legal form, look for CBD oils and other CBD-infused beauty products from a trusted CBD oil vendor.

Regardless of the brand, it’s essential that you know the source. It’s not enough to know that the extract is sourced from CBD or hemp. You need something that’s extracted from the whole plant so you can enjoy its full benefits.

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