Five Tips for a Fashionably Polished Look

by Dr Prem Community Writer

Many women dream of having that polished outfit that they can pull out at a moment’s notice. There’s nothing like maintaining a fashion-forward wardrobe. Some women assume that it’s harder than it actually is. With some intentional planning, you can create a wardrobe that you’re proud to wear on a consistent basis. Consider the following ways you can make that happen.

Decide on a new “black” for your wardrobe.

new black for your wardrobe

Black is an amazing neutral color; and, it looks slimming and chic. However, don’t always lean on the color. Instead, find a new color that represents black in your wardrobe. Your new neutral color could be red. This means that you’d find a few pairs of red slacks, turtlenecks and socks. Instead of wearing black loafers, you can find an amazing pair of red loafers. The color doesn’t have to be black. It can be yellow, green or hot pink. Choose a color that makes you happy and looks good on your body.

 Collect a variety of shirts.

Collect a variety of shirts.

If there’s anything that can make you look like you have tons of clothes, shirts will do the trick. To accommodate a variety of looks, go to a few places to pick up a bunch of tops. Visit the thrift store. Even if you have $20 in your hand, you’d be surprised at the number of fashion-forward blouses you can find. Check out some online retailers that sell fast fashion. While it might only last for a season, it’s okay to run through trendy pieces.



Whether it’s a blazer and jeans or a stunning black dress, always add an accessory or two. Whether it’s a fly pair of earrings, one of your husband’s Luminox watches or a beret, find different ways to incorporate accessories into your wardrobe. Don’t forget about the beauty of brooches, anklets and pocket squares.

Get your clothes tailored.

Get your clothes tailored.If you want to take your wardrobe to the next level, make sure that it’s a well-fitting wardrobe. This means that you need to be intentional about getting your clothes tailored. Find a local tailor that will tell you the truth about your clothing. You don’t want to hire a tailor that will tell you it’s fixable when in reality; it doesn’t make sense to try. Tailor your jeans so that they’re not too long. Do the same with various tops, dresses and blazers. When your clothes are tailored, it makes a drastic difference in the way you look.

Plan your outfits in advance.

Plan your outfits in advanceAlways think about the outfits you’d like to wear in the following week. When you have spare time, go through your closet and create an inventory. You should know what’s in your closet and what you still need.

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