What is Microneedling and What it Can Do to Your Face?

What is Microneedling

We understand why many people prioritize meticulously taking care of their skin, especially on their faces. If you were born with fair skin, you’re lucky, but unfortunately, not all of us are.

But with the endless technology and science breakthroughs, the medical field found a way to aid these individuals by providing a solution to this issue, and that’s microneedling. You might have already heard it from a friend or a colleague, but what is a microneedling? And why it has become a trend these days.

Birth of Microneedling

skin condition

Some individuals experience skin breakouts such as acne at an early age but go away for some time. However, it continues as they grow to adults unluckily for others and leave terrible scar marks on their faces.

This skin condition is somehow a reason why some individuals have low self-esteem and find it difficult to boost their self-confidence. Some strive by covering their faces with heavy makeup. But, consistent and frequent usage and application of makeup can eventually damage your skin, especially if you’re not careful with the products that you use.

And this is why microneedling is discovered. Let us together discover more about microneedling, what it can do to your face and other vital information about this skin treatment.

But what is microneedling?

That’s the first. You have heard that it’s a skin treatment to improve your skin and removes scar marks left by unruly and recurring acne you had during the puberty and adolescent stage. But to explain it better, microneedling is a minimally invasive skin cosmetic procedure to treat skin issues by utilizing a collagen production.

Now, you heard the term collagen and speaking of collagen, we all know that’s the main reason our face looks young and fresh. Our body produces enough collagen production at an early age, which results show a better skin elasticity and hydration. But when we grow older, there’s less collagen production, resulting in sagging, drying of the skin, and the formation of wrinkles.

But with microneedling, it all can be replenished by utilizing the procedure called collagen induction therapy. With this, acne and scar marks, even stretch marks are reduced and have a lighter appearance. So, we think that microneedling is a good skin treatment. But let’s look further and understand more about microneedling.

The Good Side of Microneedling

Good Side of MicroneedlingMicroneedling utilizes collagen induction therapy, which means that the procedure encourages your body to produce more collagen. This is done by pin pricking your skin- the thin and light pricks will induce your skin to produce collagen to heal the slightly injured areas. With this, there will be new collagen produced, making your skin lighter and smoother in appearance.

The pinpricks are so small that you can’t even see them when the procedure is done. However, the tiny pricks already triggered the collagen production in your body, causing it to reveal a delicate skin afterward.

But aside from making your skin smoother, microneedling is also used on treating acne marks and stretch marks. If having acne is not already a problem, then you should be ready to handle acne marks. Acne marks are as stubborn as acne, but unlike acne that goes away eventually, acne marks don’t, and that’s terrible.

What microneedling can do to acne marks is to proceed with the same procedure. The dermatologist will continue in microneedling his way to your face. However, the procedure might have a little difference when it comes to results.

Also, the session’s frequency is different, too, since acne marks a unique skin condition. However, it’s still the same process. New collagen production is induced to heal the areas, revealing a new skin layer, which is lighter and smoother.

The Side Effects That You Should Know

Apart from the good effects, a microneedling can do to your face, you need to be aware of its side effects. Though the cosmetic procedure has a very minimal and short downtime of the side effects, it’s better to know about it before deciding to take one.

After the procedure, the redness of the skin is visible. That’s the very first thing that every patient will notice on their faces. After a few days, light skin irritation and itchiness are experienced. For some, they took an anti-itch cream to subside the itchiness, such as hydrocortisone can do magic. But if you can tolerate the itchiness, you can skip this one, make sure you don’t, ever, never, scratch your face.

Skin sensitivity is different from person to another, you might not feel the itchiness, but they can’t manage it for others. So, take an anti-itch when you feel like you can’t control it. Also, light visible peeling and bruising and bleeding are expected too.

But this is a case to case basis, as for others, they can even go back to work after their session. For first-timers, you might want to take a day off and relax. You can also avoid sun exposure by choosing to stay at home just for the post-procedure.

Microneedling Other Skin Conditions

Microneedling Other Skin ConditionsAside from the main skin issues that microneedling can fix, such as acne marks, it’s also a great help to reduce skin pigmentation, sun damage, and aging skin. These skin conditions are highly popular with women, as women’s skin loses collagen faster than men. That’s why it’s not surprising that women develop wrinkles at an early age, making them conscious of their appearance.

But with the help of microneedling, it can reverse sun damage, repair skin pigmentation, and improve skin appearance even for older women. Older women choose microneedling to tighten their skin due to their bodies’ fewer collagen levels. They need a few sessions of microneedling to improve the appearance of their skin and reduce its sagging.


Microneedling is the newest skin cosmetic procedure that’s bearable, effective, and proves realistic results. Its collagen inducing procedure is highly anticipated by many individuals seeking to improve their appearance without going under a knife. Microneedling has a lot of benefits that even older men and women can safely avail. Though there are visible side effects, microneedling is a safe skin treatment procedure. Just make sure to work with a licensed aesthetician and dermatologist to handle the procedure efficiently. 

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