How to Get Better Hair in Sleep: 10 Tips You Should Know

Get Better Hair in Sleep

There’s nothing nicer than the feeling of waking up refreshed after a peaceful night’s sleep. But does your hair feel the same?

Sleeping can be rough on our hair if we’re not careful. If you want to improve the look of your hair, you need to take care of it each night.

Can a few small changes while we sleep lead to better hair? Surprisingly, yes! To learn more, keep reading to find ten top tips everyone needs to know about keeping their hair in the best possible shape while you sleep. However, don’t forget that for the health of the hair we also need full sleep. can help you to have more time for healthy sleep.

1. To Have Better Hair, Make Sure It’s Dry Before Bed

dry your hair before bedIt can be tempting to jump into bed right after a shower, but sleeping with wet hair isn’t a good idea. Wet hair, combined with the warmth of your body, creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, not good for you or your pillowcase.

Laying on wet hair also leads to hair breakage and tangles, something no one wants to deal with. Make sure to dry your hair before bed to avoid these headaches. Or, aim to wash your hair in the morning, so you don’t need to worry about it at night.

2. Use Scrunchies Instead of Elastics

If you like to loosely tie your hair back before bed, ditch the hair elastic and go for something softer, like a scrunchie. Tight hair elastics tend to pull out hairs as you’re tossing and turning at night, which can also contribute to hair breakage.

3. Invest in Silk Pillowcases

woman sleeping on Silk PillowMany of us sleep on cotton pillowcases, but you might be surprised to learn that cotton fabrics are rough and tend to tug on our hair, causing breakage. They also absorb natural oils from our scalp that we need for keeping our hair soft and healthy.

Instead, try out satin or silk pillowcases. They won’t pull on your hair and they also won’t absorb moisture, so your hair can stay hydrated and healthy.

4. Braid Your Hair for Waves, Without the Heat

If you like to curl your hair, you know that heat damage from a curling iron can cause brittle, unhealthy hair. For a natural alternative, here’s one of our favorite hair tips:

Braid your hair before bed—when you wake up and remove the braids, you’ll have beautiful waves that will last all day.

5. Apply an Oil Treatment

Apply an Oil Treatment

If you want to apply a hair treatment, before bed is the best time of day for it. That way, your hair can have all night to hydrate and soak up the product.

An easy treatment to try is argan oil, often marketed as Moroccan oil. It’s rich in fatty acids, which help moisturize your hair.

Plus, argon oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe your scalp.

You don’t need to do hair treatments every night, but you might find that once per week is enough to keep your hair looking its best.

6. Gently Massage Your Scalp

As a relaxing way to get ready for bed, spend a few minutes gently massaging your scalp—or, even better, ask your partner to do it for you!

When we massage our scalp, it stimulates blood circulation, which helps our head and hair stay healthy. It also feels completely relaxing, so it’s an easy way to help yourself relax and unwind after a busy day.

7. Wrap Your Hair in a Scarf

wrapping hair Many people that wrapping their hair in a silk scarf or turban helps their hair avoid frizz and look nicer when they wake up. Wrapping your hair before bed can also help your hairstyle last longer, especially if you’ve curled or straightened your hair.

If you go for a silk scarf, it will also provide your hair with the same benefits as sleeping on a silk pillowcase.

8. Remove Extensions

Do you wear hair extensions during the day? Although many people love the glamorous look they provide, always remove temporary extensions before bed.

Otherwise, the clips may cause discomfort by digging into your scalp while you’re sleeping. They can also tangle easily in your sleep.

9. Brush Before Bed

Brushing hairWondering how to get better hair? One of the easiest ways is to always gently brush your hair before bed.

You want to remove any tangles that have accumulated throughout the day, something many with long hair experience often. That way, your hair is in the best possible shape for the night. If you make the mistake of going to bed with tangles, they’re only going to get worse as you toss in your sleep throughout the night.

10. Take Out Your Ponytail

If you enjoy the convenience of a ponytail during the day, always take it out before bed. Udos put tension on your scalp, which can cause hair loss.

They’re also uncomfortable, as sleeping with your hair pulled back can sometimes lead to headaches. If you want to keep your long hair out of your face when sleeping, a low pony held in pace with a scrunched or soft hair tie is the best option.

Use These Healthy Hair Tips Each Night for a Beautiful Mane

beautiful hair Sleep is our time for rest and recovery, so make sure hair has time to relax as well. If you’re hoping to have better hair while you sleep, use the tips above to create a nighttime hair routine that works for you.

By caring for our hair at night, we can prevent split ends, hair loss, breakage, and dry hair. With the help of a new hair care routine, you can have shiny, gorgeous hair each morning, making people think you just stepped out of a salon.

Get started today and start enjoying your beautiful hair!

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