3 Beauty Solutions That Can Solve Your Biggest Eye Concerns

Solve Your Biggest Eye Concerns

Our eyes aren’t just the windows to our souls, and they are also the most special and distinctive features on our faces. They are unique to everyone and one of the things that makes us attractive in our own way. Our skincare routines have to include eyecare and this is non-negotiable. As we get older, they need a little more help to ward off the side effects of age, tiredness, sun damage and bagginess that develop over time. We can’t include our eyes within the products we use generally for our faces, because the concerns they have can be different, so they require different products.

There are three avenues that we can take when it comes to correcting our common eye gripes and annoyances. We can go with a semi-permanent solution through surgery, a long-term improvement in the form of skincare products or a quick-fix in the form of makeup.

So, what are some of the ways that we can give our eyes a refresher and transform them from baggy and dull to bright and youthful? How do you decide what’s right for you? Here are the three top options you have for transforming your eyes so their beauty can shine. 

Semi-Permanent Correction


BlepharoplastyThe skin around our eyes is very thin, sensitive and highly susceptible to stretching and losing its elasticity over time. Even products like concealers, the most potent eye creams won’t be able to fix this. The result is tired and droopy eyes that take over your entire face and take attention from the natural beauty of your eyes. In this case, a good way to transform your eyes is an eyelid lift or blepharoplasty. According to Dr. Renn,  head surgeon at a Raleigh plastic surgery practice, “Cosmetic surgery is a powerful tool for giving you a permanent solution to common concerns. If you’ve struggled to find a solution to extreme baggy eyes, surgery can take care of it by solving the real issue – excess skin in the area.” In this procedure, precision is used to target the baggy skin in the area and remove skin, fat and muscle so that your eyelids look sculpted to the eye again. The world of facial care has dermal fillers like Botox as semi-permanent solutions. The eye area has special procedures that can give you less fuss-filled solutions. Once you’ve healed from the procedure, your eye area won’t need as much to look great.

Long-Term Changes

Serums and Creams

woman applying SerumIssues like dark circles under the eyes have thousands of products on the market, even some top-of-the-line brands that the rich and famous swear by. Using ingredients like caffeine, Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid and many others, over time, the eye area is given a boost of moisture which will cause the dark circles to slowly start fading. This is not a fast process, however. Usually, you’ll have to apply the product at least once a day, and massage the area for it to deeply penetrate into the skin. Depending on the potency of what you’re using, it can take weeks or months to start seeing results. While this won’t solve your problem quickly, adding this to your daily skincare routine will ultimately improve your eyes without the need for make-up.

Quick Fix

A Brightening Concealer

Woman using concealer

If you’re looking for a way to make your eyes look great when you put on your makeup, a brightening concealer is a great investment to make. While you can get a normal color-correcting concealer, a highlighting concealer will not only hide dark circles around your eyes, but also brighten the area making you look more awake and giving your whole face a new glow. From NYX to Bobbi Brown, you can find a product that suits your wallet and transforms your face in one application.

Eye skincare solutions are some of the most Googled in the beauty category. That’s because it’s an issue that so many people experience and want to improve. You’re definitely not alone if you’re looking for a way to transform dull and tired eyes. It’s a change that takes years off your face by making you look well-rested, and drawing the right kind of attention to your eyes. There are many approaches you can take, and you can combine a long-term solution with the short-term boost of a makeup product. That way, you can correct the issue while also putting your best face forward while you wait for the results of serums and creams. Remember not to ignore your eyes when you take care of your face. You won’t regret it!

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