Upcoming Fashion Trends for Men in 2017

It’s a New Year and, of course, that means that there will be new fashion trends. This is the ideal time to take a peek at some of the trends that we will likely be seeing.


One of the biggest things that we will be seeing this year is performance menswear. This is made from fabric that will wick moisture away to leave the skin cool and dry. It will be machine washable and be able to be stretched four ways. One of the best things about clothing made from performance fabrics though is the fact that it is resistant to wrinkles! That means that it will need little to no ironing to look like it just came from the store!

Beyond Clothes

It is critical to remember that fashion goes beyond clothes. It also includes beauty products. This is true as much for men as it is for women. These days, men are just as concerned about their appearance as women are. They want to feel and look their best at all times. Men now keep themselves up to date with the latest in fashion trends by poring over various men’s fashion magazines and even talking about those trends within their circle of friends. Beauty products are no longer simply girlie items. In fact, if you listen to experts in the industry, the next thing to be ‘in’ will be beauty products for men.


One of the biggest trends in men’s fashion that will be seen this year is bandanas. These are a style that is incredibly easy to pull off and one that won’t cost you very much, as you can get a bandana for only a few bucks. The bandana is said to give an instant boost to silhouettes, and that neckerchiefs are playful. This is a great way to add a dash of color to a plain wardrobe for those who might be a bit hesitant to wear brighter shades. Just make sure that you are good with your knots.


This is good news for those men out there who are of adventurous type. See, punk is not quite dead yet. When it comes to the patterns that we will be seeing during the spring and summer of this year, you need to either go big or go home. This is also the time to pull all of those old printed jeans back out of your closet and let them enjoy the attention that you know they deserve.


The fashion weeks in Europe have all shown us a trend that includes letting your accessories hang out. This can be straps and cords attached to belt straps, to waists, and sometimes even around your neck, it seems as if everything is just all hanging out. While this might not be a great idea if you are in crowded areas, you might as well give it a try with a stylish fanny pack or something akin to that.

Party Time!

You may have thought that bringing punk back was quite enough, but hold on to your hats because that isn’t all that is coming back this year. (Hint – fanny packs were just mentioned) You will be seeing more and more party wear that was inspired by 90s looks as well. We are talking MTV here – think loud colored boots, printed socks, pink pants, and everything that shouts “party like it is 1999” will be fashionable.


This will be a color that we will be seeing a LOT of this year. We are talking about nearly all shades of yellow too, not just sunflower yellow. This includes raincoat yellow, lemon, rubber ducky yellow and all of the shades in the middle of those.

Calling All Explorers!

The trends for this year will also be great for all of those wanderlusts out there. Finally, there is a style that everyone can manage to wear. From leather duffel bags, comfy leather sandals, shorts, coats and bomber jackets that were inspired by the military, this is truly the year to shop for gear and clothing that are travel inspired.

And there it is my friends. To sum up the spring and summer fashion trends for 2017, for those adventurous types, pop a party or punk track into the old cassette player, and get ready to wear fun patterns and colors – and please try not to forget the yellow! For those of us who like to keep things turned down a bit, go for the travel inspired and washed out colors instead.

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