The Truth About Dating an Independent Woman Revealed

Do business ladies scare you off? Do you mean she can reject you just because she won’t find some time for you? Tear down those stereotypes and know that independent business type ladies are so much more than you think.

No one wants to live forever alone till the end of days, not even an independent woman. Even by the standards of some ultra-business person, loneliness does not reflect well on success. Yes, my life can be full of events but it involves the relationship, not excludes them! Sadly, many men can’t figure this on your own. Thanks to our kind friends from for providing us this information – a narrative, which we believe, most of us would relate to.

A sneak-peak into the life of a business lady

It is not like our life started from bathing in golden knick-knacks, putting on any fancy clothes we wished or graduating from the most expensive universities. I lacked some traits of character I possess now and I certainly wasn’t a leader before. But time and circumstances changed me. Now I am a proud taxpayer and my life’s decision-maker. It couldn’t even occur to me that after a divorce with my husband, all that unbearable responsibility would turn me into such a strong individual. Looking back at all this makes my head dizzy and it times, it feels like I want to do is forgetting about everything, taking a few tequila shots and losing myself in a dance till sunrise with some sexy dandy. Yet only for a short time. After all, I enjoy what I created and until I have my full potential unlocked, I don’t feel complete.

How did relying only on myself begin?

I gave birth to a child who had too much birth disorders for a baby. Without putting too many details, when our family had to struggle against the disease together, my husband stepped back and I just couldn’t give up. Having become a specialist and read hundreds of books, I knew everything about the disorder. It turned out to be a Blackfan-Diamond syndrome and what was even more strange that most of the doctors didn’t know much about it. Eventually, the disease won and my baby died from a tumor. Next day, my husband left with his stuff and I got left alone with a four-year-old daughter. Every strong woman has such a story behind her. Such situations are the forge where all independent and self-reliant people get tempered.

We quit expecting support after our trusted ones fail us horribly

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What’s really weird is that such stories are so common. They happen when men lose themselves in depression and we have to take the responsibility of our own, and even triple our efforts to save the marriage. While doing so, we drain ourselves until our mind and soul turn into a deadly desert. And at some point we just say “stop”, something has to be changed. Then again, we pull ourselves together and do what has to be done – we get the divorce.

From there, we barely expect a knight in shining armor to come in our lives. Why? Because we wear that armor ourselves now. Apparently, some superpowers who fire the arrows of circumstances shot at us too early and thus, we had to put on some steel plates instead of ceramic ones to survive. We did so because there was no help because men disregarded us when they were needed. Here, distrust to men was born and such things are not easy to heal.

Lessons learned

Such things happen due to two problems – communication breakdown and poor choice of partners. Having chosen a wrong man (or a woman, for that matter) is a bane for any woman. At the start, everything can seem perfect, but as soon as serious problems occur they give up on their woman. What’s worse is that such irresponsibility and the damage it causes can’t be undone or fixed in advance, unless the chemistry with your partner is at a high level.

Communication problems are common among couples. Several women struggle to convey their needs to their husbands. Relationships can bloom only when you have a suitable partner and a solid communication. Otherwise, they simply don’t work.

This article is created to show men that deep within any independent woman of steel dwells a young wounded girl who wants to be caressed and loved more than anything else. Such women wait for their last chance to make everything right. Earning her trust can seem challenging but the reward shall compensate every effort. Show her respect and know that best marriages grow out of a union of two independent people.

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