Understanding the finer nuances about the enemy that is cellulite

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Most women must have observed that ugly looking dimpled appearance of the skin. Cellulite is more common in women than men. This is mainly seen in the skin on the thighs and buttocks. It is mainly due to the fat deposits. This is cellulite. Most of us are embarrassed about it. But this is a common problem faced by women at some stage in their lives. These lumps do look disgusting but remember that it is not the end of a road.

Causes of cellulite

body clock diet

Too much weight can be a cause of cellulite. But individuals who are thin also face similar conditions

  • Eating the wrong food can also result in cellulite. One has to remember that eating a wholesome diet is the key to keeping several diseases and skin problems at bay.
  • Crash dieting which can result in sudden loss or gain of weight can result in cellulite
  • People who lead a sedentary lifestyle are more prone to cellulite.
  • Slow metabolic activity of the body and hormonal changes can also cause cellulite.
  • In certain cases dehydration is also found to be a causative agent. Hence always drink enough water
  • Cellulite is more prominent on lighter skin

Treatment of cellulite


  • Use of cellulite creams

It is believed that they narrow the blood vessels and dissolve the fats. However they may have serious side effects. Some creams contain Aminophylline which can cause allergic reactions. It is best to use creams under the supervision of an expert dermatologist.

  • Liposuction

This involves removing the excess fat deposits from the deeper layers of the skin by surgery. However, according to some dermatologists, this may make the cellulite worse

  • Mesotherapy

In this compound like vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes etc are injected just beneath the skin. This treatment may give slight relief from cellulite but it has the risk of infections, swelling etc.

  • Massage therapy

Woman having a facial massage

Massaging of the affected areas with oils can give temporary benefits but do not have long-term benefits

  • Laser treatment

This FDA approved treatment will help in melting of fat under the skin and in reduction of the cellulite.

Myths and facts about cellulite

  • Myth: Toxins in the body cause cellulite

There are claims by companies that their anti-cellulite products remove toxins from the body. But there is no evidence of any connection between toxins and cellulite

  • Fact: Women are prone to cellulite as compared to men

Yes, this is true.

  • Fact: Age contributes towards cellulite

Yes, as we age less estrogen is produced. The hormonal imbalance is found to cause cellulite

  • Fact: Cellulite is hereditary

Well, this is true. If your mother had it you have more chances of having it.

  • Myth: Cellulite occurs in only obese people

No it can be found in women of any shape and weight.

  • Myth: Skin firming creams work like magic for cellulite

There is no scientific evidence which can confirm this claim

Tips to get rid of cellulite

Woman in black with weights

  • Work out at the gym to get rid of those dimples. Try out cardio, weight training, treadmills, training with different equipment like dumbbells etc. You can check with your gym instructor who will help you in chalking out the right regime.
  • Try consuming gelatine as there are claims that one can throw out cellulite. Gelatine is a source of collagen. There are also claims that the gelatine helps to tighten loose skin.
  • Mix coffee,scrubs,brown sugar and coconut oil and massage it on the affected skin for few weeks to get rid of cellulite.
  • Try moisturising skin with natural ingredients like coconut oil

More than 90% of women across the globe are affected by cellulite. So you are not alone. By following simple tips and by taking appropriate measures you can get rid of cellulite.

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