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Homemade hair treatment

Shortage of time often compels us to settle down for chemical beauty products. But most of them are harsh on hair and skin. Hair care is an essential part of beauty regime, which is always better if you can adhere to natural products. Natural products are free from harmful components like alcohol and paraben etc. which depletes the natural moisture from your hair, making it dry, damaged and frizzy and leads to a host of hair problems like split ends, grey hair and itchy scalp etc. But before settling your mind to go for any natural hair treatment, it is crucial to identify the hair type, the problem it suffers from and the right treatments it require. Here is a comprehensive list on treatments from kitchen shelf for all hair types. Have a look at them and find the most suitable one for you.

1.Egg mask for voluminous hair

Egg is a wholesome food for any hair. The yolk, which is rich in fat and protein, improves the health of the hair and makes it naturally moisturized, while the white or the albumen, which has effective enzymes that kills harmful bacteria, makes it germ free, thereby curbing the chances of any sort of contamination. Further, this white portion also removes excess of oil from the scalp of those with oily hair. In case of women with normal hair, both the yolk and the albumen are recommended for use. But those with oily hair, who do not need to moisturize their hair any further, using only the white portion of the egg is sufficient. If you have extremely dry and brittle hair, then you are advised to use two whole eggs together on your hair. The whole egg treatment is best to be done once a month, while the albumen treatment can be done every two weeks to get the best results.

2. Dairy products treat dullness

Hair often gets depleted of natural moisture and becomes dull and lack of sheen due to frequent use of chemical products like gel, serum, etc and repetitive chemical treatments like perming, straightening, etc. which are always harmful for hair. The only natural product that is highly effective in reversing the damaging effects of these chemicals is dairy product. Various dairy products like sour cream and plain yogurt have great healing properties on hair. The lactic acid present in these dairy products gently cuts away the grime, dust and ill effects of chemicals while the milk fat moisturizes the hair and makes it lustrous. During application, plain yogurt or sour curd is to be massaged directly into the damp scalp all along the length of the hair when left for twenty minutes. After this duration, the hair should be scrupulously washed clean with a mild shampoo. This treatment gives best result when done every alternate week.

3. Boost up your hair by beer

Limp hair is common in those with thin and fine hair. Women with excessively active sebaceous scalp and those who tend to have oily hair, also suffer from limp hair. Thus, your hair seems weighed down and lifeless even after application of lots of styling products and hair care items. A simple yet wondrous method of boosting up your hair naturally is to apply beer. This popular adult drink contains loads of yeast, which helps in energizing the stressed tresses. You need to get hold of half a cup of flat beer and add a raw egg and a teaspoon of light vegetable oil to it. Now, apply the mixture onto scalp and wait for it to dry. In case of those with extremely dry hair, apply beer directly onto your hair and scalp. The protein residues in beer, like malt, wheat or hops, strengthen the hair and increase its volume. This treatment must be done once every week.

4. Honey for sun damaged hair

If repeated chemical treatment and continuous exposure to sun and chlorinated water has made your hair dry, rough and dehydrated, then honey will act as a natural humectant for your hair. Take about half a cup of honey and smear it all over your damp hair. Sit for twenty minutes and wash your head with mild shampoo and lukewarm water after this. If you have hair that tangles easily, apply a teaspoonful of olive oil to honey for easy application and detangling your tresses. In case you hair suffers from extreme sun damage, then mash an avocado or beat an egg with honey to help replenish the keratin protein bond of your hair that got harshly attacked by UV rays of sun.

5.Cut excessive oil with oatmeal or cornstarch

If your hair becomes too greasy and grimy due to over secretion of natural oils from the hair scalp, then the reason might be stress, inherent oily skin and lack of regular cleaning. The best way to remove this oil and make the hair and scalp clean and shiny is to take a handful of cornmeal or oatmeal into an empty pepper shaker and sprinkle it all over your dry hair. Leave it on for ten minutes and then use a padded hairbrush to brush it off completely, so that not a trace of it remains. This will work as a dry shampoo to cut the grease. Try out this treatment every other day and see how it works.

6. Cut product build up with baking soda

If all sorts of shampoos and cleansers have turned out to be unsuccessful then there will be nothing worth trying than a paste of sodium bicarbonate or baking soda. You have to mix one or two teaspoonfuls of baking soda with a small amount of water to make a thick and uniform paste. Massage this paste onto your damp scalp and wait for fifteen to twenty seconds. After this, wash it off with mild shampoo and lukewarm water. This treatment should be followed continually for a certain period of time, to be applied twice every week to get best results.

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