Hollywood’s 5 Best Redheads

Hollywood's 5 best redheads

Even though Hollywood is fully fledged with a legion of beautiful blondes, redhead celebrities are the ones who are getting attention these days. From Christina Hendricks to Rihanna, all have celebrated their red haired avatar for a long time and some are still continuing it. If you are planning to wear red and seeking an inspiration, look nowhere other than these red haired celebrities. We bring Hollywood’s five best redheads who look extremely flattering in the red hair color.

1. Christina Hendricks

Whether you are talking about Hollywood’s best curvaceous body or red haired celebs, you cannot keep Christina Hendricks out of the conversation. This glamorous actress made her way into Hollywood with a classic AMC hit show ‘Mad Men’. And her curves, blue eyes and most importantly, her red hair catapulted her as the classic red haired celebrity. Christina’s hair is colored in a ginger red hue, which certainly works with her fairer skin complexion. Her color is full of copper and golden flickers, which provides her hair with enough structure and dimension.

Beauty tip: Want to imitate Christina Hendricks’ hair color, avoid frequent washing of your hair. Since, bright sheer red is one color that fades quickly, you need to take big intervals between shampoos to keep the color intact for a long period of time.

2. Emma Stone

We have seen her acting skills and undeniably, she justifies her work the best. We have also seen her red hair in almost her every movie and that too looks extremely gorgeous on her. But, do you know that Emma stone is a natural blonde? Yes, no matter how shocking it may sound to you, her red color is not natural. Since blondes share too much of features with redheads (be it skin complexion or eye color), it is almost difficult to answer which one is real and which one is not. Emma’s hair perfectly blends the two complimentary colors, copper and warm violet tones.

Beauty tip: If you are a blonde and are trying to switch to red just like Emma, don’t go too overboard with the shades of red. Keep your color within the arena of the natural color to look more feminine and less dorky.

3. Nicole Kidman

Though many would consider Nicole Kidman’s blond avatar as her best look, but there are others who would not deny that red shines better than any shades. Who would not have been caught under her red curls in “Days of thunders”? Her bespoke, auburn hued hair color uses a varying degree of golds and apricots, which perfectly blends with her pale skin and blue eyes.

Beauty tip: Always ensure that whatever shampoo you are using while washing your hair don’t make your hair color fade away. Also, be cautious with those shampoos or conditioners that deposit color as they can leave your color uneven and spotty.

4. Amy Adams

One of the things we adore about Amy Adams aside from her strikingly good performances and beautiful silhouette is that she looks exquisite in almost every shade. While red is considered the most bold hair shade of all time, this celebrity is often seen experimenting with this color. Her auburn shade is a natural extension to her look and looks flattering on her clear blue eyes. Women with blue eyes are recommended to try out red color at least one time as this color tends to accentuate their eyes and make blue eyes look more intense.

Beauty tip: Black mascara perfectly goes with red hair as it helps outline the eyes more beautifully than any shades and adds more character to your eye water.

5. Rihanna

With her racy music videos and undying fascination for red color, Rihanna is ranked as the boldest celebrity in our list. Even though she is naturally dark, Rihanna has spent more than half of her life carrying the beautiful shade of red. She might be the exception when it comes to the skin complexion, but she has pulled off almost every shade of red with utter confidence (from light red to sheer red). Her recent color transformation from dark to extreme cherry red looks stunning on her tawny complexion.

Beauty tip: Rihanna usually wears wigs or hair extension to refrain her real hair from getting damaged. However, if you are coloring your hair, pick a shade that is one or two tone lighter than your own as it is subtle to identify how your hair will react to the color.

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