Top tips to have wavy tresses without going to the parlor

Wavy hair is something that many women want, while many of us go to the parlor to get this look, those that already have naturally wavy hair, will find that it is very difficult to maintain the curls as they can get frizzy and the hair also dries out easily. Going to the parlor is not feasible as your have to shell out thousands to get a look that can be easily achieved at home. Parlors also use a lot of chemical based styling products along with the application of hot styling tools to give their customers that look that they want.


Natural styling tips for wavy hair;

Apply a leave in conditioner or a moisturizing treatment onto freshly washed hair as it protects you hair, then section off the hair into section of about one to two inches and gently twist each section into ringlets. Use a paper towel to remove the excess moisture out of the hair and then allow you hair to dry out naturally so that you can get natural curls. Use a hair dryer only if you are in a hurry as the heat will make your curls frizzy.



Care tips for naturally wavy hair;

Those that have naturally wavy hair will find that they hair will dry out easily especially along the ends of the hair shaft. So always use a good moisturizing treatment, using natural ingredients have their added benefits. To tame the curls and the additional frizz and fly aways, use a cleansing condition that is free from chemicals. You can also use a protein treatment or a strengthening treatment to even out the more unruly curl formations.


Get rid of tangles and not the waves:

Curly hair adds volume and bounce that can be maintained naturally, simply mist your hair with water and conditioner, then apply any moisturizing pomade in a small amount and scrunch it ino the ends of the hair that will refresh curls.


Adding curls on straight hair:

If you have straight hair, make pin curls that will create a wavy look. You can also use a curling iron and light brush out the curls using your fingers and use hair spray to hold the curls in place. Use a hair dryer that has a diffuser attachment as it will disperse the heat over a wider area instead of in a single smaller surface. This will make your hair wavy and not frizzy.

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