Top tips to make your lipstick last longer this summer

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Women always remember to wear their favorite shade of lip stick before they step out of the house. The numerous shades available top day make it difficult to choose the right shade that will match your skin, the right shade will bring out your eyes and define your lips. One of the best tips to prevent lipstick from fading away is to use lip balm or petroleum jelly before applying lipstick. Here are some other useful tricks worth remembering:


If you want you lipstick to last longer, place your lipstick in the refrigerator the previous night as experts say that this will make the color stay on a little longer when applied.

In order to get the right base, apply a little compact powder on the lips, then apply the lipstick of your choice, the color will last longer even after a cup of coffee.

If you are lucky enough to have plump lips, then stick with darker shades as they will define the lip better, if you are wanting to get the pout lip look, then apply lip liner before using lipstick and blend well.

Senior women should not apply bold, glossy or dark colors; the best colors for this age group are sober, pale and light colors.

Do not mix two colors of lipstick as the color may not suit you. Very rarely will you be lucky enough to get a beautiful shade- but usually mixing two shades may result in an allergic reaction. This is because each company has their own formulation for the lipsticks that they manufacture.


If you have a lipstick that is matte or is of the long wearing formula, they will be very drying on the lips. So make sure that you apply lip balm or petroleum jelly on the lips before applying these lipsticks. This will also give your lips a plump look.

To get the smooth look, always exfoliate you lips with a scrub that is specially formulated for the lips. Your can also make your own by mixing brown sugar with olive oil and use this as a scrub, follow this up by apply lip balm and let it sit for a while. You can apply the rest of your make up and leave the lip stick for last.

Apply lip liner to the rest of the lips so that lipstick has something to cling onto.

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