Top Quiet Electric Shaver For Your Morning Routine

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Electric Shaver For Your Morning Routine

Shaving is an indispensable part of the daily routine of all men, which most of them find as a time-consuming and dull task. Therefore, they’re in a constant quest of making this process faster, less painful and more pleasant.

Thus, most of the male population has ceased using the regular razors due to their impracticality, replacing them with electric shavers.

Anyhow, purchasing an electric shaver isn’t a walk in the park, considering the various types of models and features. These tips will help you purchase the right one.

Select a good brand

Select a good brandWhen purchasing an electric razor, picking a model with top-notch quality is of high importance. Since you’ll use this tool on your face, it’s crucial for it to be a good match for your type of beard and skin.

Therefore, choose a model from a well-known brand that is renowned for its good reputation. Click here to read why product quality matters, in spite of the higher price you’ll pay for it.

Choose a type

The initial factor to consider when purchasing an electric shaver is its type. The two main types are foil and rotary, both dissimilar in usage and features. The former one is more convenient for men for whom shaving is part of their daily routine, as it’s suitable for short beard.

It’s very similar in appearance with the regular razors, but it has a special foil that covers the blades, thus enabling safer shaving, minimizing the risk of cuts. Therefore, it’s particularly beneficial for men with extremely sensitive skin, prone to irritation.

On the other hand, the latter type is most commonly used by men who have longer, rougher beard, and don’t shave it regularly. It’s composed of three heads that rotate while cutting the facial hairs, helpful in reaching the toughest parts of the face, which numerous men struggle to reach.

Moreover, the rotary variant is definitely better suited for men whose skin doesn’t irritate easily. In case you’re looking for electric shavers that are quiet, the rotary ones are the choice for you, as they tend to be virtually silent in comparison with the foil ones.

Consider charging

mode of operationThe following factor worth considering is the mode of operation, in terms of power. You can choose among cordless shavers that are either powered by battery or equipped with a charging unit or corded razors, gradually going out of use.

Cordless shavers provide greater convenience, as you aren’t obliged to use them solely in places where you’re near a socket. Actually, you can use them anywhere you want, even take them on trips, as long as they’re properly powered.

When using a razor with a charging unit, don’t forget to charge it prior to shaving, as you certainly don’t want it to stop working in the middle of the process. In case you opt the battery type, make sure it uses batteries with longer lifespan. This one is most suited for men being frequently on the road.

Conversely, although corded shavers can still be bought, people have replaced them for the cordless ones due to their highly inconvenience. Apart from having to be near a socket, the cord is obstructing the process, as it limits your movements. Visit this link:, to learn some tips for safer and more efficient shaving.

Pick between dry or wet shaving

Another important aspect to be determined, is whether you plan to use the razor for dry or wet shaving. It largely depends on the time you wish to spare in the morning as well as on the sensitivity of your skin.

The former method is beneficial for people who are always pressed for time in the morning, as it’ll take you no more than five minutes to have the process finished, provided that your skin is fine with it. Dry shaving is definitely not recommended for sensitive skin.

Conversely, the latter method involves using gels or foam that are applied to the skin prior to starting the process, as these cosmetic products are used to shield the skin from any unwanted inflammation or cuts. Naturally, it takes more time than the former one, which is why some men use these shavers in the shower to save time.

Consider its price

find electric razors in a wide range of pricesNowadays, you can find electric razors in a wide range of prices, depending on the brand, quality and features. Make sure you buy one of high quality, even if it means spending more money on it. It’s an item that is worth the investment, since you’ll use it for a long period of time with proper maintenance. Visit this article for some maintenance tips.


Purchasing the right type of electric razor depends on your type of beard and skin.

Make sure you buy the one your skin deserves!

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