Tips to make your natural hair blowout last for a long time

You may have natural curly or straight hair; a perfect blowout that lasts longercan make you feel freshand beautiful all the time. Consider reading about a few tips that can make your blowout last for a long time.

Proper hair wash

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Your blowout may last long if you do not wash your hair frequently. Normally, your scalp tells you the right time when hair needs a wash and your hair might appear dirty. Youmust wash your hair using a mild shampoo and conditioner that nourishes your hair by providing enough moisture. After the hair wash, you need to dry your hair completely with the help of a blow dryer.

Fix the nozzle to the blow dryer

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You must have received a nozzle with your hair dryer and now is the right time to make use of this attachment. The nozzle helps to focus the flow of air thereby making the hair dry faster. Moreover, your hair will face less damage and get a silky look that will last longer.

Protect your hair while heating

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Whether you are using a hair iron or blow dryer, avoid applying direct heat to your hair. Instead, you mustuse a quality hairspray that acts asa buffer between your hair and heat thereby delivering your hair a good shine and a salon finish.

Make as many curls you desire

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While doing a blowout, make as many curls with the hair. This provides volume to hair andhelps them remain styled for a longer period. You will also have to rely less on the heat styling gadgets. The best way to make powerful curls that last long; you must turn your head upside down and add a touch of hair spray so that the lower-hidden layers of the hair remain intact and firm to support the curls thereby making them voluminous.

Do not touch your hair frequently

Do not touch your hair frequently

Touching your hair repeatedly can make the curls lose. You need to avoid running your hands through the air because it can ruin your blowout thus; giving you, an untidy and messy look.

Protect your hair while sleeping

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If you tie your hair in a pony, it may ruin your blowout. The best is to tie hair with thin elastic rubber bands in a ponytail, as these bands generally do not leave any marks on the hair and protect your hair while sleeping. You can also use a silk bandanaor scarf to keep the front curls safe.

Making your blowout appear fresh, voluminous and smart, all that is required is the proper handling of hair, without exposing them to direct heat, as it can cause a permanent damage to your natural hair.

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