Tame your hair with the hair and beard sculptor called Xculpter

Perfectly groomed hair and beard is a must if you want to look a thorough gentleman. Grooming of hair can be a boring and time-consuming job but with this amazing Xculpter gadget life can become easy.

What is the uniqueness of the product?

Well, when we talk about maintaining hair and beard it involves combing, brushing and drying of hair. So obviously you will need a comb,a brush and a dryer which can be a tedious procedure. But Xculpter is a class apart. It has all the three packed in one product. Yes, it is a combination of comb,brush and hair dryer.

What are the features of the product?

It is not just a simple combination of the three things but the three things are integrated and designed such that the effect on your hair is marvellous. The air flow of the dryer is specifically directed in the direction of the comb and hair dryer which makes styling hair easy. The comb has a double row and it is longer than the brush. The double row of the comb ensures that the hair is combed well. The brush smoothens the hair. The finish that the hair and the beard get with the unique product is simply outstanding.

Xculpter for beard

Xculpter (1)

Xculpter which is designed specifically for the beard is also available. It is known as Xculpter Wild Men. It has two clip brushes. One of the brushes is placed asymmetrically and it acts close to the skin. The second brush is mainly for precision and is provided with firm and angled bristles. It is possible to control the temperature with cool shot button. There is a wide range of Xculpters both for men and women and one can choose based on their requirement.

Who can use it?

The answer is simple. Any man or woman can use it. Even those who are not well versed with the styling of hair can use the product with ease. It is easy to use and the results are outstanding and hence it can be easily used at home. Styling experts can also make this amazing product a part of the salon.

There is a professional version, available especially for styling experts. With the help of this professional version the most complicated procedures can be carried out with ease. Therefore, one can easily get the perfect classic hairstyles with this product easily.

Style your hair or beard in a professional way but don’t have the expertise or the patience then go in for Xculpture. It will give that perfect look to your hair and beard and will make you look cool.

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