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Coloring your hair, in a different shade, is an easy and great way to look stylish. The latest hair dye products available in the market, no longer ruin your hair; instead they make your hair look healthy, shiny, and presentable. Coloring your hair is no longer considered expensive and exclusively meant only for celebrities. You can also plan to go trendy with a change in your hair color. You can even do it at home yourself, if you know the right color and methods of doing it. But if you have inhibitions, you can, of course, get it professionally done. Follow these few tips mentioned below and you would know what to do for that perfect hair color:

1. Choose the color which suits you

Selecting the best color is the most important factor. If you cannot figure which color would suit your skin palette, then seek the advice of your cosmetologist. With some professional help, you can select the perfect color that would go with your skin tone and your hair type

2. Choose a good quality brand

Never go for cheap and unpopular brands as they may ruin your hair. Always select the most preferred and popular brands. You will find many brands at various price ranges. Ask around and find out which brand is good. Also check with a beauty therapist, if you are in doubt.

3. Choose an appropriate coloring method that suits your convenience

Coloring methods can be many like temporary color, semi permanent color, demi permanent, or permanent hair color. Choose according to the occasion and other factors.

a. A temporary color requires a patch test to see if you are allergic to the product. They usually wear out after one shampoo session. They come in all sorts of funky colors and since they do not last that long, you can experiment.

b. A semi permanent hair color would technically last up to 8 washes, depending on how you take care of your hair. This is best when you want to cover those annoying grey hairs.

c. A demi permanent coloring is one of the best methods as it gives shine and gloss to your hair for the 6 or so weeks it lasts.

d. A permanent color, as the name suggests lasts, as your hair grows. They lighten your natural hair color up to at least 3 shades.

4. Check the swatch book to see the color against your natural hair color

Checking your natural hair color against the swatch book is very important. The color you see on the product box may not be the color you will end up with because of the underlying pigment. You have to mix a particular color with your natural color to get your desired final effect. Here is a chart showing the levels of hair color:

Levels of hair color:

a = Black
b = Very dark brown
c = Dark brown
d = Brown
e = Medium brown
f = Light brown
g = Dark blonde
h = Light blonde
i = Very light blonde
j = Light platinum blonde

5. Go for highlights instead of dyeing

If you do not want to color your entire hair, you can always go for highlights which would mean coloring your hair in strands.

6. Use the right shampoos and conditioners

After you complete coloring your hair, use shampoos and conditioners that would enhance the color of your hair. Make sure it stays for longer time. Conditioning your hair one week before you do your hair coloring also helps

7. Leave color for shorter time for covering grey hair

If you are coloring grey hair, then make sure you leave the color on for a shorter period as they would show as a much stronger shade once you are done. Take a couple of strands and do a test first and then continue.

8. Do not use hair color while you are pregnant

It is advisable to not use hair color while pregnant. But there is no proven evidence to show it can harm the foetus. However, to prevent any risk, avoid coloring during pregnancy.

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