No more bad make up day

Flawless skin
We all tend to face bad hair days from time to time, but a bad make up day might just kill your social status completely. You use make up to bring out the best in you and camouflage all skin issues, but what if things do not fall into place and you go completely wrong with the make up? Be it the choice of colors or the product you try, a bad make up day can be devastating, especially if there is a big occasion like a wedding or a red carpet event. You can always try to stay away from a bad make up day by keeping in mind certain points allowing the make up to add to your beauty. Make your skin look great by using the right makeup tricks hiding all skin issues like facial hair, flaky skin, tired puffy eyes, acne and the list goes on.

1. Conceal for flawless looking skin

Make use of the magic wand – that is the concealer, to cover-up spots, acne, scars, blemishes, etc. This can never be done using the foundation alone. Thus concealer comes into play and does the magic, making your skin look flawless. Make sure that you choose the most appropriate shade of the concealer else you could make a blunder. You might even have to use different shades of concealer for different purpose like a purple tone concealer is used for yellow spots and for blemishes a green tone concealer should be used.

2. Blend, Blend and Blend

Blend the foundation

Take time to blend the make up into the skin, the best make up is the one which looks natural and not plastic. Blend in the foundation properly, especially around the cleavage and the jawline to hide all transition lines. Make up should never look like a mask over your skin, it should hence be well blended so that skin and make up appear to be one. Always choose the right shade of foundation as that will blend quickly giving you a natural look. Unblended foundation is a makeup faux pas as it makes you look plastic .

3. Manage the facial hair

Facial Hair

Refrain from applying a thick layer of foundation especially around the upper lips, as the hair appear a lot more visible due to thick foundation. Always make sure that you apply the foundation in the direction of hair growth not against it. Use light foundation if you have a lot of facial hair and also go light on powder which again enhances the appearance of facial hair. You could get the facial hair removed to avoid this issue all together.

4. Say no to dry, flaky skin

Moisturize the skin

Foundation applied over dry flaky skin can be one of the biggest make up blunders, it can make you look hideous by emphasizing the skin flakes. Never apply foundation on dry skin, make sure you moisturize the skin well, before applying foundation. Do not let dry skin develop, remove dead skin cells by exfoliating the skin with a scrub. Preferably, you should use a home made scrub, otherwise get one from the market. Moisturize the face daily to reduce the skin dryness which may further develop into flaky skin.

5. Blend different foundation shades for tanned skin

With each session of tan, your foundation will resist blending well with your skin due to difference in shades. Thus, you will need to get new foundation every now and then to suit the needs of your tanned skin. There is an alternative to this situation wherein you could just buy a lighter and darker shade of foundation, thereby mixing the two to attain the perfect shade as per your skin needs. This way you will save money and also will be able to get the perfect shade . Do not compromise with the shade of the foundation as an inappropriate shade of foundation can make you look over made up.

6. Soothe tired eyes

Tired eyes

Our eyes face a lot of strain due to sitting for long hours on computers, because of sun, pollution, alcohol, lack of sleep, etc. Tired eyes can make you look dull and old. You will have to revitalize your look by taking care of the eyes. Head to your kitchen for some easy household remedies for tired eyes. Use some cucumber or potato slices to heal the dark circles. Moisturize the skin around the eyes after rinsing. Do not forget to apply highlighter around the cheeks, inner eye corners and on the brow bone for a fresh radiant look. You could also use a concealer for hiding the dark circles. Tea bags are also effective in curbing puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.

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