5 Secret make up tips

5 Secret make up tips

Aesthetically standing out in a crowd is every girl’s wish. Even though beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, it is also necessary that you present yourself well. A bit of well-groomed make up to highlight those assets on your face would do wonders with people around you. Imagine the smile on your face when people give you second glance with an appreciating look! Follow these tips, pump up your confidence, and step out with your best foot forward. You will definitely stand out in the crowd.

1. Makeup for that glowing skin

The trick for a glowing skin is to use creams and powders with a tinge of bronze. Having a smooth and spotless complexion is something that guys would love to see. Cover up those marks and blemishes tactically and give that shine with a perfectly suited foundation. Devote more time to your skin care and explore various products available in the market that would help you maintain a glowing skin no matter what season it is.

The best way for your skin to glow is to consume plenty of water. This way your skin glows with a natural shine.
a. To get clear and younger looking skin, splash cold water 3-4 times in a day. Cold water will tighten your pores and leave you feeling refreshed.
b. If you feel that your makeup may look patchy on oily parts of your face, apply little cucumber juice. Thoroughly dry it up and then continue applying your makeup.

2. Makeup for bright shiny eyes

Shimmer and gold shades do the trick to attain bright eyes this season. Apply a good combination of eye shadow and eye liner and enhance the beauty of your eye color. If you want to look sexy then highlight your lashes or fix artificial eye lashes and apply a black mascara.

3. Makeup for those delicate nails

Nails are one area on your body that can be used to flaunt your talent and style very efficiently. There is no end to the number of designs and the variations that can be done on each of your nails to be flashing in the crowd. Bring out the artist in you and get your creative best and make a own world in itself on your nails. Be it cartoon designs, or floral designs or simply some random shape make sure the color combination is flashy and yes, you will definitely get them spotted! Apply vitamin E capsules on your nail cuticles to maintain your shine naturally.

4. For the hair

If you are attending a special event, sport your bouncy hair with big locks. You will definitely be a head turner. Even if you are attending a casual event, you can have a messy updo hair accessorized with cute head beads and clips. Ensure that your hair style is in place for a long time by spraying some good hair sprays.

5. Makeup for those lustrous lips

Lips are considered the most sensuous spot on the face. It is important that you first remove dead skin on the lips using a exfoliator and then condition your lips with a lip balm. Having done this, apply a proper shade of lipstick and lip gloss that suits your skin type and attire. If you are in a mood to emphasize your lips, apply a lip liner so that your lip line is more prominent.

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