Tips for dazzling green eyes

Green eyes

When it comes to eye makeup for green eyes, there is a lot you can do for a mesmerizing effect. Play with colors, the impact will be wonderful and real. There are many shades of green. First you have to determine your eyes fall in which category to make it simpler to select the right color eye shadow.

1. Deep green eyes: This is the darkest shade of green and the color that reminds us of a forest. For this shade, any eye shadow looks amazing. Darker shades like violet and purple suit this eye color beautifully.

2. Soft green: This is the lightest shade of green eye color. This kind of eye color gives an impression of mystery. Avoiding darker shades for this soft green color eyes is the best option. Go for softer shades of pink.

3. Mid green: This color lies somewhere between dark and light green. Avoid applying dark eye shadow for this type of eye color. You can use dark shadows at the edges to give an extended look to the eyes. It is preferred to select the colors less dark than the eye color.

4. Sea green: Sometimes this color seems to be blue than green. Light eye shadows suit this eye color the most. You can use a dark liner to highlight edges of the eyes to get that perfect look. You can select the eye shadow according to the eye color and ensure that it reflects the beauty of your eyes to the most. Selection should be occasion based depending on the time of an event, i.e., day time or evening.

Green Eyes 2

a. Day time: Smoky gray colored eye shadow will help green colored eyes to stand out in events that occur in day time. Don’t highlight the edges of the eyes too much as it will make them look too sharp.

b. Evening: When you are heading for a party in evening you can use glitter to add that shimmering effect on your eyes. It will make your eyes look bright and attractive. Use dark colored liner to highlight the edges of the eyes. Deep jade to bright emerald eye shadow would be perfect for the occasion.