A perfect smoky black look for eyes

Smokey eyes

Do you have a desire to give your eyes the same smoky look that your favorite celebrity was spotted carrying on the red carpet? It is not at all tough as there are simple steps to get that sexy eye makeup.

Complexity Level: Easy

Time Required: 15 minutes

Resources Required:

a. A matte black base
b. Black powdered eye shadow
c. A matte highlighter (preferably matching your skin color)
d. Other highlighter of gray color
e. Black eye kohl
f. A silver eye shadow to add shimmery look to eyes (optional)
g. A blending brush for black eye shadow and highlight colors

1.Pick up a flat brush and dab it in the matte black base.
2. Apply it on the base of the eye from the inner portion of your eyelid. Do it well on one eye and don’t overdo it as it will look out of proportion.
3. Pull the color upward and outward, covering the eye lid. It will help to give an eye a faded and streaky look.
4. Color your outer lid well with the black base.
5. This will help to get a perfect base for the eye makeup to proceed.
6. Use a separate blending blush and pick up the black eye shadow.
7. Similarly apply the eye shadow as you applied the base on your lid.
8. Perfectly apply the shadow on the lid to cover the base well.
9. Gently move the brush back and forth over the outer edge to give a softer look to the eye.
10. Now apply highlighter color shade over your eyes to match the skin tone.
11. Now gently move the brush that it mixes well with the black eye shadow over your skin.
12. Now apply black kohl on your lower lash line.
13. You can apply glitter with the brush to give a shimmery look to the eye.

Quick Tips
1. Don’t overuse black base which would appear as if you have applied too much makeup.
2. Apply glitter only when you are going for an evening party. Don’t apply glitter in the day time.

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