8 Incredible Korean secrets for a beautiful and glowing skin

All over the world, Koreans are known for their magical, flawless skin, which looks attractive and nourished. And this is the reason why, the entire world wants to know the Korean secret of keeping your skin glowing and beautiful. Unlike others, Koreans spend a lot of their money and efforts in keeping their skin appear perfectly beauteous and plump, and the result is what you see. Read below to know the secret of the 8 step Korean skin care regimen that can help you get a beautiful skin.


Facial cleansing
Cleansing is the first and the most important step to keep your skin appear healthy and glowing. As of Korean beauty practices, oil cleansers also known as pre cleansers are most in practice since they lift dirt and impurities off your face and are better than the non soap cleansers and surfactants. Gentle massaging of these cleansers with using the circular motion of your fingers will enhance the blood circulation and brighten up your complexion too. However, its important that you wash off your face once again with a gentle cleanser to avoid oil build up leading to blocking of pores.


Following cleansing you need to get rid of your dead skin cells since they make your skin appear dull and dark. Exfoliating your skin and lips is the second step of achieving flawless beauty. However, you should not scrub every day since it would damage the skin and exfoliate only on the problem areas and T zone such as the blackheads on nose and visible pores near the cheeks. The Korean way of exfoliating means less is more.


Koreans refer to toning as refreshing and toning also is essential to restore and soothe the natural pHof the skin and to remove dirt and impurities. Korean toners are less harsh and alcohol free and increase the skin’s absorbing power slowly and naturally.



facial skin renewal process
The most important of all is the use of essences in the Korean beauty regimen. The essences enhance the facial skin renewal process and help in the absorption of the active ingredients, collagen formation, provide firmness and elasticity, reduce dark spots and provide an even skin tone. The best way to use them is to spray them on the face and then gently tap with the fingertips to absorb.

Sheet Masks

Sheet Masks
Using the sheet masks will help you to keep the skin managed, nourished and wrinkle free. Do not use them every day.

Under Eye Cream

Applying cream on face

Use proper under eye cream to care for this delicate area. This will reduce swelling, puffiness form the yes making them appear fresh and healthy.

By using a light weight or emulsion you will make your skin hydrated which is the key to its beauty. Apply moisturizer by gently applying it on the face in round, circular motions.

Night cream

young woman applying lotion

Night creams are formulated such that they keep your skin hydrated all throughout the night for you to wake up with a fresh and beautiful skin in the morning.

These Korean beauty tips will surely help you have a picture perfect flawless skin, which is absolutely plump and soft. All you need to do is to remember the Korean method of less is more.

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