The goods and bads of using a facial cleansing brush

Facial cleansing being the basic step towards the healthy skin, we all rely on various products and ways that give our facial skin a good cleanse. Face scrubs, chemical peels, and face washes are the traditional facial cleansing products, while face brush is an emerging trend of facial cleansing.

Face brush, be it a wooden brush with fine bristles or a sonic face brush, helps cleanse and exfoliate skin at the same time. All the face brushes that skin care system providers offer promise glowing skin with regular use. However, just like any other skin care product, facial cleansing brush also has both the goods and the bads as following.

The Goods

It makes skin clear and smooth

For making skin clear and smooth, facial cleansing brush takes away dead skin cells faster. It brushes off grime, dirt, and sebum more efficiently than many other products can. Covering a much larger face area at one go brushes make facial cleaning a convenient affair.

Improves skin texture for long

Facial brush improves skin texture, which is a result that even facial scrubs also offer. However, the difference lies in the duration. You can enjoy an improved skin texture achieved using a facial brush for long in comparison to the one achieved through a facial scrub that doesn’t even last a day.

Promotes blood circulation

Blood flow underneath the skin layers increases as the facial brush massages skin. As a result, pimple marks and blemishes fade away. The skin becomes clearer and glowing in appearance.

Skin tightening effect

If you desire to have a younger looking skin, you should try using face brush often. By promoting blood flow, it tightens skin and restores skin vitality and glow. The facial brush also promotes faster cell turnover.

The Bads


aging skin

Exfoliation is good for skin but over exfoliation is dangerous. Unlike other ways of facial skin exfoliation, using a face brush might lead to over exfoliation. This especially goes for people who cleanse their face with the cleansing brush three to four times a day. It not only irritates skin but results in premature skin aging as well.

It is abrasive

There is the reason that restricts the use of a facial brush to just twice a week. The fibers of the brush go hard on skin and can break down skin tissues. It stresses out skin that leads to wrinkles, inflammation, and skin thinning. One should use it no more than two times a week and those who have sensitive skin should not use it only.

Leads to acne breakout

 acne breakout

Using face brush could cause an acne breakout. Pimples caused do go away on their own but sensitive skin becomes inflamed. Those who have an acne prone skin should not use a facial cleansing brush.

While keeping in mind all the pros and cons of cleansing brushes, it can be concluded that their use can be beneficial for the thicker skin types. Such skin types and the darker skin tones are less stimulating to sensitive treatments, so cleansing brushes do not leave a negative impact on them. Its regular use helps to clear congested skin with open pores. They are also good for dull and dry complexions and for males dealing with ingrown hair. Rather than just wiping the surface, cleansing brushes offer a deep cleanse as their bristles penetrate deeper into the epidermis.


Use of facial cleansing brush is an emerging trend that is benefitting many users. However, one must take skin type and sensitivity into consideration before using facial cleansing brushes.

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