3 Simple steps to flawless skin

Flawless and radiant skin

A radiant and flawless skin is every woman’s wish. Proper skin care and a nutritious diet can help get a flawless and radiant skin. A regular beauty regime suitable for your skin type, can assure you a clean and flawless skin. Here are 3 simple steps to get a flawless skin. Read on and incorporate into daily beauty routine.

1. Cleanse

Twice a day, cleanse your face with a mild face wash or soap that does not contain artificial components like fragrances or pigments. Whatever product you select, take your skin type into account. Your skin type can be oily, normal, dry or mixed. Apply the cleanser on your face and slightly massage it in. Cleansers unplug your pores and remove any debris left behind by makeup or the environment. In this way they help to prevent spots and pimples as there is no accumulation of dirt. But don’t get too excited and cleanse your face too often, as this can strip your face of the natural, essential oils which will leave your skin even drier, in case you already have dry skin.

Massage and wash off the cleanser in gentle circular movements. Don’t forget to pay attention to areas like the corners of your mouth and the creases of your nose when you cleanse. Another tip – never sleep with your makeup on. You’d be sorry about it on the long run. Cleanse your face and remove your makeup before going to bed. It is always good to adopt natural ways to cleanse your face. Even lemon juice or plain milk proves good for the case. Using a cotton ball apply them to your face and wash off after 10 minutes to discover sparkly clean skin.

2. Tone

Toning is important as it tightens your skin pores and finishes off any remainders left by your makeup or cleanser. It sloughs the outer layer of dead cells and leaves a fresh layer of cells behind, making your skin fresh and bright. It is a good idea to apply your products onto your face using cotton pads or balls. Use them to apply the toner to your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Work inward and in a circular fashion and gently use more cotton pads to wipe them off. As for your home remedy, rose water is an amazing toner!

3. Moisturize

Nobody likes to have dry flaky skin prone to wrinkles. A moisturizer can be of help. Our skin tends to lose its hydration or moisture content when exposed to the environment. We need to constantly replenish this lost moisture or we end up with dry skin. Unless your skin is of the dry type, always use a light moisturizer and do not use too much of it as it’ll make your skin look sort of ‘heavy’. Start from the center of your face and work outward. Rub the excess cream in. Miniaturization adds that healthy glow to your face and helps to prevent wrinkles.

Of course, if you have SPF in your moisturizer, then you can stay protected from the harsh effects of the sun. Always look for at least an SPF 15 and an oil-free brand which will not leave your face greasy. When you use these face products, take care to avoid the most sensitive eye contour areas.

Apart from these, also drink lots and lots of water, incorporate fruits and vegetables in your diet, and get good sleep.

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