Styling Tips for your Hair that Take 5 Minutes

You face it every morning when you get ready to leave home for work. Bad hair day, messy hair day, too fussy hair, unruly hair- and you just do it in some way or the other to make up a style that becomes mundane and boring. But who said a good hairdo needs hours to get done? Here are some quick styling hairdos that will hardly take you 5 minutes to accomplish with aplomb.Twisted Ponytail

Twisted Ponytail: Make a normal ponytail, divide it into two halves and then twist it around only to envelope it around the other half for a casual twisted hairdo.

Hair Bow

Hair Bow: Take only a few strands of hair about 1.5 inches from both sides and tie a casual knot by crossing them. Make a bow and then pull the strands of hair tight. Take a few bobby pins to secure the bow in place. You are ready for a simple girl-next-door look.

Side-swept Bun

Side-swept Bun: Take a bracket thingy or a sort of hair stick and hair spray. Part your hair a bit on one side and flip it on one side followed by an application of hair spray to ensure the coiffure does not go awry. Gather all of the hair on the flipped end side just behind your ear and make a pony. After tying a hair elastic around take the tail upwards towards your ear and create a bun with the ends left free. Secure it once more with the hair stick or thingy so that the stick passes through the elastic and peeps out from the other end.

Scarf Hairdo hairstyles

Scarf Hairdo: If you have a stretchy headband you could make the most of it to create an awesome hair style in just a few minutes. For this, all you have to do is wear it around your head, take bunches of hair starting from one side and then wrapping the sections around the band from one end to the other. Once you finish you will not believe how easy it is to achieve this awesome hairstyle that you could easily don for a casual evening get together as well.

Four-step bun

Four-step bun: A high bun which can be accomplished in just four easy steps. For this you wear your ponytail high and then divide the ponytail into two. Twist both ends and just wound them around one another one at a time to get a neat top bun without even having to look into the mirror.

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